We Make RHEL Migrations Easy

Migrating from RHEL to an open source Linux distribution can be a long and resource-intensive process. OpenLogic by Perforce helps companies quickly scope, migrate, and verify your system and integrations – then supplies expert, long term support for the migrated system.

Migration + Integration

Our Enterprise Architects ensure your entire system, including integrations, is stable and performant.

Full Stack Experience

Our Enterprise Architects have 25 years experience in successfully completing complex, enterprise migrations.

Ongoing Support

SLA-backed support from our Enterprise Architects means you’re ready to face any challenge.

"Frankly, the overall process was easier than we thought it would be, and the support we get from OpenLogic is better than what we previously had. They readily share their expertise with our IT team, giving us the feeling of being within a community of developers."

CTO at Financial Services Company

Get RHEL Migration Help From OpenLogic

Whether you’re migrating from RHEL to CentOS, or any other open source Linux distribution, OpenLogic can help make your migration a success.

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How OpenLogic Makes RHEL Migrations Easy

With over 25 years of experience managing complex enterprise migrations, our team provides the deep, full-stack expertise needed to complete your migration and integrations without any headaches. Ready to start scoping your migration?  Fill out the form to get started today.


We perform a comprehensive infrastructure audit of your system, then create a detailed migration roadmap.


Once the roadmap is agreed upon, we back up your system then complete an offline or live migration process.


Once the OS is migrated, our team ensures all your integration points are functional (including 3rd party RPMs).


At the completion of the migration, then at the completion of each integration, our team verifies the system is stable and performing to expectations.


Our work isn’t done when the migration is over – our experts can provide ongoing support to help fix issues and prevent downtime.

Why Migrate From RHEL?

Enjoy the Cost Savings of Open Source Linux Backed by OpenLogic Support

50% Cost Savings

When you migrate from RHEL to CentOS, you save big on Linux support and licensing costs. In fact, companies often save upward of 50% on their OS costs.

Improved Support

Getting expert, technical support from RHEL can be frustrating and time-consuming. OpenLogic provides 24/7/365 expert support with guaranteed SLAs.

No Vendor Lock-In

When you work with RHEL, you are forced to work within their ecosystem. Freeing yourself from vendor lock-in with CentOS means fewer obstacles to innovation.

Calculate Your RHEL to CentOS Migration Cost Savings

Enterprises switching from Red Hat to CentOS typically save 50% or more in overall licensing and support costs. Determine how much you can save with this calculator.

Set Your RHEL Migration Strategy

Ready to set your migration strategy? Our enterprise experts are standing by to discuss your infrastructure needs, and the best path forward for your company.

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From CentOS to Cassandra, OpenLogic supports over 400 open source packages.

Calculate Your CentOS Savings

See how much your team can save when you switch from RHEL to CentOS.