The time to build your CentOS transition plan is now!

CentOS is supporting Millions of workloads in production today and community support ends June 30, 2024. Do not wait to build your transition plan. Extend the life of your CentOS deployment so you can Migrate off CentOS 7 with confidence, on your own timeline, and with expert advice, technical support, and post-EOL CentOS patches by OpenLogic.

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Buy Yourself Time

Buy Yourself Time

Extend migration for 5 years past CentOS community EOL

  • Private access to CVE patches
  • Stay compliant and stable
  • Custom vulnerability reviews  
Ask The Tough Questions

Ask The Tough Questions

Every ticket is handled by enterprise architects

  • Zero escalations!
  • Unlimited support tickets
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Guaranteed SLAs
Find the Right CentOS Alternative

Find the Right CentOS Alternative

Unbiased advice from Linux experts

  • Migration options
  • Navigate OSS decisions
  • Infrastructure evaluation  

You have options with OpenLogic!

Get Free CentOS Support & Early Access:

Get free technical support until June 30, 2024

Gain early access to private CentOS repository

Set up connections to repository and conduct early testing

Assure your stakeholders you are secure beyond EOL

A Decision This Important Takes Time

We’ve navigated disruption in the open source industry for 20+ years, and we know by experience that keeping organizations up and running on their current versioning is the best way to create space for calm, strategic, successful migrations... on your timeline.

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We believe the reason enterprises choose open source is for freedom of choice, and we stand by your right to best Linux distro organization.

OpenLogic unbiased supports hundreds of technologies, including all major distros.

What is included in CentOS Transitional Support

Access OpenLogic’s private repo of patches from day one. Test connectivity and your upgrades.

Get tier 3, expert help from configuration to CVEs.

Expert guidance of unpatched CVEs.

Address your Linux questions and get assistance with evaluating CentOS alternatives.

Mitigate risk and meet compliance with post-EOL security patches.

Guaranteed SLAs & 24/7 support for all major open-source Linux distributions.

Get technical support to address questions through your migration.

Reduce time to resolve technical issues and increase your existing team’s productivity.

Reduce the need for additional training or staff post-migration.

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"OpenLogic's EOL/long-term support maintenance capabilities are crucial to our Linux Deployments."

-Operations Director
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Ready to Extend the Life of Your CentOS Deployments

If your tech stack is running on CentOS today, the easiest, most secure decision you can make is to stay on CentOS with the added security of extended lifecycle support.

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OpenLogic enterprise architects are available to meet you for a 1-hour free consultation to help you begin to navigate best next steps. 


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Enterprise Linux Support Beyond CentOS

From AlmaLinux to Ubuntu, OpenLogic offers industry-leading support for top open source Enterprise Linux distributions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will OpenLogic offer CentOS long term support (LTS) for CentOS 6, CentOS 7, and CentOS 8?

You can expect OpenLogic to provide CentOS LTS support via our own patches and updates for a minimum of five years from the EOL date.



Community Support

Support via OpenLogic

CentOS 6

EOL November, 2020

LTS available until December, 2025

CentOS 7

EOL June, 2024

Support available now, LTS available after EOL to December, 2029

CentOS 8

EOL December, 2021  
(originally December, 2029)

Support available now, LTS available until 2026

How do I access CentOS long term support (LTS) patches?

Patches for CentOS are made available to you via a private repository that you can access at any time. Or, if you need help, our open source experts are always here to assist you.

How much does CentOS Transitional Support cost?

Every Linux infrastructure is unique. We would be happy to provide a custom quote for you. Contact one of our experts today. 

What is covered in OpenLogic CentOS support?

CentOS Transitional Support includes early access to our private repository of patches, as well as unlimited technical CentOS support, and unbiased guidance as you navigate your migration strategy.

Why are you giving free technical CentOS support and early access to your repository?

A decision as important as migrating off CentOS 7 requires time. We believe that enterprises use open source to have the freedom to choose which Linux distro is right for them. Providing free, early access enables our customers to set up connections to the repository and conduct testing so they will be confident that their CentOS 7 will remain secure and compliant post end of life. Our CentOS experts are here to help consult with you to determine the best path for your organization. 

What other Linux distros does OpenLogic support?

OpenLogic provides support for all major Linux distros including: 


Supported Distros


Oracle Linux


Rocky Linux



CentOS Stream



Can you help me decide on the best CentOS 7 alternative to migrate to?

Yes! OpenLogic prides itself on being solution agnostic. That means we recommend the best Linux distro for you, no matter what.

We’d love to consult with you (you can start with a 1-hour free consultation!) and our open source technical experts are here to evaluate your current CentOS architecture and provide guidance on the best migration path for your needs.

Can you help me migrate off CentOS 7?

We can assist you in understanding what you need to prepare for migration so that you are positioned for a successful migration. 

How does the RedHat Announcement about RHEL impact my migration options?

In June 2023, RedHat announced they will be limiting access to RHEL code, making it difficult for top CentOS alternatives like Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux to stay 1:1 compatible. When we saw a similar disruption in 2020 with the ending of CentOS for CentOS Stream, we saw new community projects develop. Ultimately, by waiting for things to settle over the next several years, and utilizing our team of experts to stay on top of the latest industry information, you’ll have a clear migration path and more seamless migration experience.