Learn the Pillars of Monitoring and Observability

Metrics, traces, and logs are the three pillars that make up the business practice of monitoring and observability. Many teams are exceptional at one or two of these pillars but lack expertise in the third.

OpenLogic’s Monitoring and Observability training is well suited for traditional developers, operators, and full-fledged DevOps teams to prepare them for excellence in all three pillars to use a full Observability stack in Kubernetes.

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Monitoring Training

About Our Monitoring and Observability Training Course

Our monitoring and observability training course is ideal for teams who have an existing Kubernetes environment and are exploring the use of a service mesh pattern.

What You Will Learn

What Will You Learn?

Course participants will learn how to use and deploy Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Jaeger, Istio, and Kiali — integrating them together into a single pane of glass for monitoring and observing the health and performance of business-critical applications.

You’ll learn how to react to alerts from high water marks, create custom metrics for your applications, and celebrate business success events such as client conversions or other sales metrics in real time.

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Standard Course Agenda

We combine a traditional classroom experience with pair programming and instrumentation of your applications in lower environments. Course modules include:

  1. What Is Prometheus
  2. Prometheus Data Model
  3. Jobs and Instances
  4. Securing Prometheus
  5. Lab: Displaying Metrics With Grafana
  6. Scaling Prometheus/Federation Model
  7. Writing Custom Metrics With a Client Library
  8. Alert Manager and Integrations
  9. Advanced Service Discovery and Relabeling
  10. Tracing With Jaeger
  11. Logging With Loki
  12. Putting It All Behind a Single Pane of Glass with Istio
  13. Best Practices

How is the Course Delivered?

Our monitoring and observability training is delivered on-site or via online classroom as a 3-day intensive course (24 total hours). The minimum class size is 5 participants, and we recommend no more than 15 attendees to accommodate labs and pair programming exercises for an optimal training experience.

Before finalizing your training agenda, we schedule a 60-minute introductory call with you to establish any custom elements you may require. We’ll confirm your team has access to a lower environment containing Kubernetes with permissions to install Custom Resource Definitions and Operators for tools such as Istio and the Prometheus Operator.

Course Delivered
Monitoring Instructor

About Your Instructor

OpenLogic has a team of enterprise architects who average 15 years of experience. With their depth and breadth of experience, you can be confident they are the right people to have in the room to train your team on monitoring and observability.

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