Kubernetes Boot Camp

For teams working with or considering container-based applications and systems, a deep understanding of the fundamental technologies, like Kubernetes, is key.

In our Kubernetes Boot Camp, we bring traditional operations teams and traditional application development teams into the same room to deepen their understanding of DevOps, microservices, Kubernetes, Docker, and the principles of a 12-factor application.

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About Our Kubernetes Boot Camp

In our Kubernetes Boot Camp, we guide your team through a series of modules that establish a common understanding of DevOps, microservices, and the technologies needed to work with them in the enterprise.

What You Will Learn

What Will You Learn?

This course prepares your organization for a DevOps transformation by setting the stage for why DevOps is important.

It brings practical knowledge of containers, container orchestration through Kubernetes, and best practices for developing ephemeral applications to the forefront for teams.

By the time students complete the final labs for this course, they can add existing workloads to containers and deploy them in their own Kubernetes environments, using the organization’s code to run experiments and learn more about the features of Kubernetes.

Standard Course Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. The Context of DevOps
  3. Introduction to MicroServices
  4. Docker Fundamentals
  5. Docker Best Practices
  6. Kubernetes Essentials
  7. Kubernetes The Hard Way
  8. Enterprise Considerations for Docker
  9. 12-Factor App
  10. ConfigMaps
  11. Security
  12. Storage

How is the Course Delivered?

This is an intensive, in-person workshop conducted over two days — or as a half-day online course conducted over four calendar days. The minimum class size is 5 participants, and we recommend no more than 15 attendees for an optimal training experience.

We recommend access to a service such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services so students can make the most of the labs and experiences in the course, both online and in-person.

Before finalizing your training agenda, we schedule a 60-minute introductory call with you to establish any custom elements you may require.

Course Delivered

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