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Many teams have rightfully identified continuous integration and continuous delivery, or CI/CD, as organizational goals they’re eager to achieve. However, there are potential roadblocks to achieving CI/CD success — choosing the right tools, following industry-standard best practices, understanding the cost of the technology, and training existing staff, to name a few.

If your team has identified CI/CD as a priority, OpenLogic’s DevOps training course is exactly what you need to ensure the success of your team’s journey to CI/CD.

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DevOps Training Course

About Our DevOps Training Course

This course is ideal for your development, operations, and QAC teams. It covers teams working on traditional applications, microservices, service mesh-enabled applications, teams delivering monolithic binaries, and even teams delivering an appliance model.

What You Will Learn

What Will You Learn?

The course is designed not only to align teams on their use of DevOps language, but also to put theory into practice by building a production-ready CI/CD pipeline through project-based labs.

Using a combination of pair programming and instructor-led classroom lectures, we help your team understand CI/CD fundamentals and then work on live systems to deliver a practical solution.

By the time this 5-day course is completed, your team will have a survey of the existing open source tools common in many large enterprises along with a custom CI/CD pipeline ready to deploy an application into your lower environment.

Standard Course Agenda

There are substantial lecture-based sections of this course, but the most class time is spent working, deploying, using, debugging, and understanding the technologies used to continuously integrate and continuously deliver. We will cover the following topics:

  1. ABCs of CI/CD: From Automation to Zookeeper
  2. CI/CD Strategies Survey
  3. Strategies for Traditional Applications
  4. Strategies for Microservices and Service Mesh
  5. Strategies for Monolithic Applications and Appliances
  6. Tooling Focus: Jenkins for Traditional Applications
  7. Tooling Focus: GitLab CI/CD for Microservices
  8. Tooling Focus: Creating a Quality Pipeline With SonarQube
  9. Tooling Focus: Promoting Trusted Artifacts With Sonatype Nexus
  10. Automating Deployment Actions Against Monitoring and Observability Events and Data
  11. Blue/Green Deployments
  12. Canary Releases
  13. A/B Testing
  14. Feature Flags

How is the Course Delivered?

The CI/CD course is delivered on-site or via online classroom as a 5-day intensive course (8 hours each day). The minimum class size is 5 participants, and we recommend 15 or fewer attendees due to its lab-heavy nature and collaborative objectives.

Before finalizing your training agenda, we schedule a 60-minute introductory call with you to ensure the recommended tool selection maps to your organizational goals as well as to establish any custom elements you may require. For example, your team may have already decided on using a particular tool such as Jenkins or GitLab elsewhere in the organization, and we will prepare our content accordingly.

How is the Course Delivered
Meet Your Instructor

Meet Your Instructor

OpenLogic has a team of enterprise architects (EAs) who average 15 years of experience. Each one of our EAs has deep expertise with continuous integration and continuous delivery. With their depth and breadth of experience, you can be confident they are the right people to have in the room to train your team on CI/CD.

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