Using open source databases doesn’t need to mean sacrificing dependable support. With SLA-backed support and services from OpenLogic, you can embrace the cutting edge features of open source database software and DBMS while mitigating risk.

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Get dependable, end-to-end support from our Enterprise Architects with guaranteed SLAs.

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Data goes beyond the database – we provide expert support for your entire data pipeline.

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Ensure your open source databases are ready for mission-critical workloads.

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Whether you need support for an already integrated open source database, or you need help planning for a migration, we can help achieve your goals.

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Supported Open Source Databases

We provide world-class support and services for all the top open source databases and data technologies, including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Cassandra, Redis, SQLite, HSQLDB, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, and CouchDB.

Apache Spark

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