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Buying open source training courses for your team of developers, architects, and DevOps engineers is one of the best investments you can make to build long-term, sustained success as you select and deploy open source software in your environment.

That’s why OpenLogic offers expert, instructor-led trainings and workshops on a range of open source software and technologies, including automation, orchestration, DevOps, and more.  We can even create custom training courses tailored to your team and needs.

Monitoring Training

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Why Choose Open Source Training From OpenLogic?

Improve User Productivity

Your team will benefit from increased proficiency and hands-on, practical user knowledge for your OSS packages.

Accelerate Team Learning

We follow a “Pair Programming” format that includes plenty of hands-on learning for your team members.

Solidify Your Groundwork

We typically deliver our sessions in your environment or cloud, giving you key resources or an environment to build on.

Optimize Your System

Through training, we help you explore new features, architect for performance, and apply best practices.

Learn From Experts

Your course is delivered by an industry veteran with years of advanced architecture experience using key open source technologies.

Available Open Source Training Courses

OpenLogic offers training for open source software spanning the entire enterprise stack. From container orchestration to middleware, our experts can guide your team to success with open source software.

DevOps and CI/CD: From Build Automation to Production Delivery

Put CI/CD theory into practice with this hands-on course.

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Kubernetes and CI/CD DevOps Boot Camp

Learn container orchestration through Kubernetes and set the stage for a DevOps transformation.

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Apache Kafka Training

Master the keys to building, maintaining, and monitoring apps with Apache Kafka.

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Monitoring and Observability Training

Achieve proficiency with metrics, traces, and logs to use a full observability stack in Kubernetes

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NGINX Training

Take your NGINX knowledge to the next level with this expert-led NGINX training course.

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Apache ActiveMQ Training

Dive into admin essentials for setting up, tuning, and monitoring installations of ActiveMQ

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MySQL and PostgreSQL One-Day Workshop

Two popular open source RDBMS, one day of intense, hands-on training.

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MySQL and PostgreSQL: 2 1/2  Day Workshop

A deeper look at admin, security, and production hardening of popular open source databases.

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Apache Camel Training

Learn the fundamentals of Apache Camel  and supercharge your team’s success through this lecture/lab course.

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Delivery and Course Format

Delivery and Course Format

Tailored to Your Environment

Working with your team directly on a training workshop, we schedule preparatory time to ensure we’re tailoring content to your real-world environment. Our instructors are industry veterans with more than 15 years of architecture experience on average. Your team will walk away with increased proficiency, hands-on knowledge of your OSS technology, and enhanced productivity.

Pair Programming

We use the eXtreme Programming practice known as “pair programming.” Our enterprise architects (EAs) don’t simply run through a technology demonstration. We ask participants in the workshop to share their screens, instruct them on what to type, and explain why.

By working with their own hands and typing the commands and code, attendees greatly accelerate their retention. And because we line up resources in your environment and cloud whenever possible, you walk away with resources and even entire development or pre-production environments.

Pair Programming

High-Impact Results

These are not traditional training sessions. By the end of several of our workshops, we’ve seen:


Linux newbies running circles around their previous performance.


Kubernetes beginners becoming production-ready.


C# developers adding Java to their résumés.

Course Format

The trainers delivering your course are the same EAs delivering your other professional services, as well as serving as Tier 4 Experts answering your support tickets.

  1. Private courses tailored to your organization
  2. Designed for five to 30 thirty attendees (depending on course)
  3. Training delivered on-site or remotely
  4. We can provide recordings of your class
  5. We leave behind the slides for your reference

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OpenLogic provides the expert technical support and services needed for enterprises to succeed with open source software in the enterprise.

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Set your path forward with open source with advisory and consultative services from our experts.

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Make your next migration to open source software a success with our expert migration services.

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