Why Pay for Licenses? Migrate to Supported Open Source

More organizations are using open source software such as Linux in mission-critical environments. However, moving from commercial products to community-owned open source technologies can be daunting.

Migrate to open source technologies faster, and with less risk, by engaging OpenLogic. Our experts provide open source migration services for platforms, databases, systems, and tools. This includes help with moving from Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) to CentOS Linux — and from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK.

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Why Move Off RHEL and Oracle JDK?

RHEL and Oracle JDK have open source code bases, but they are maintained by commercial entities instead of a public open source communities. The upside of both technologies is that they come with enterprise support. The downside is that companies who use them are having to pay steep licensing costs and add-in fees. In addition, all the support services are being delivered from a company that owns the code — and only supports its product.

What Else Should You Know?

CentOS Linux is functionally equivalent to RHEL. However, unlike RHEL, CentOS is free and maintained by public open source communities, making it truly open source.

OpenJDK is also maintained by public communities — and free. And for most businesses, OpenJDK is a viable alternative to Oracle JDK.

If you need 12/5 business-day support or 24/7/365 mission-critical support for CentOS, OpenJDK, or any other open source technology in your environment, you can engage us. OpenLogic delivers comprehensive support options.

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Calculate How Much You Can Save by Migrating to CentOS

Companies that migrate from Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) to CentOS typically cut licensing and support costs by at least 50%. Determine how much you can save by migrating from RHEL to CentOS.

Boost Savings and Agility with Hundreds of Open Source Options

You can partner with OpenLogic to tackle any open source migration project, regardless of technology number, type, or complexity. We can help you:

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Create a Strategic Roadmap

Establish a clear solution design and migration strategy.

Drive Seamless Migrations

Move your existing IT to a proven open source alternative.

Simplify Deployment

Manage any required code and environment modifications.

Build Solid Solutions

Conduct extensive tests, and identify and resolve any issues related to performance, memory management, and application integrations.

Choose the Right Open Source

Review hundreds of open source technology options and identify which ones are ideal to meet your specific requirements.

Does an OpenJDK Migration Make Sense for Your Company?

To understand whether a migration to OpenJDK makes sense for your organization, it’s critical to measure the cost, time, resource, and support implications for maintaining your Java applications. In this report, Forrester outlines your options and provides strategic recommendations.

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