MySQL and PostgreSQL Training

As the two most popular open source relational databases in use today, experience and knowledge of MySQL and PostgreSQL can provide ongoing benefits to individual database administrators and teams alike.

With expert, hands-on MySQL and PostgreSQL training from OpenLogic, your team learns how to implement, scale, and optimize MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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About the MySQL and PostgreSQL Training Course

The OpenLogic MySQL and PostgreSQL training course is designed to give database administrators the knowledge necessary to work with open source RDBMS in the enterprise.

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What Will You Learn?

In this course, we expand on our one-day course to provide students with an even deeper dive into the administration, security, and production-hardening of open source databases. You will walk out of this course with the knowledge to tackle production PostgreSQL issues with hands-on experience.

Standard Course Agenda

The OpenLogic MySQL and PostgreSQL training course is provided in a series of modules – accompanied by lab time to give your team hands-on experience.

  1. MySQL Architecture Review including a review of data models, structure, requirements, management tools and software, and physical vs. logical modeling
  2. MySQL Deep Dive including an intro to Postgres; monitoring and auditing; and backup/restore
  3. PostgreSQL Tactical Training including installation; local security; and PGAdmin
    Lab: How to use PostgreSQL in your environment
  4. PostgreSQL Theory including architecture; system catalog; database processes; SQL compliance; tablespaces; and best practices
    Lab: Creating and Interacting With a Database
  5. PostgreSQL Administration Deep-Dive including command line administration; PGAdmin administration; Config Files; users and roles, and testing against profiles; and backup and restore options
    Lab: Creating Production-Ready Postgres
  6. PostgreSQL at Scale including security auditing; monitoring solutions; vertical scaling; high availability options; and WAL Streaming/DR

How is the Course Delivered?

The OpenLogic MySQL and PostgreSQL training course is delivered on-site or via online classroom format over the course of two and a half (2.5) days. The minimum class size is 5 participants, and we recommend no more than 15 attendees to accommodate corresponding lab work for an optimal training experience.

Before finalizing your training agenda, we schedule a 30-minute introductory call with you to establish any custom elements you may require.

Course Delivered
What You Will Learn

Meet Your Instructor

OpenLogic has a team of enterprise architects (EAs) who average 15 years of experience. Each one of our EAs has deep expertise with traditional open source databases — with many specializing in PostgreSQL and MySQL. Our EAs have developed database applications, created reporting systems, assisted data scientists, and saved the day during critical outages. With their depth and breadth of experience, you can be confident they are the right people to have in the room to train your team on MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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