Protect the Journey of Your Business-Critical Data

Whether through acquisition or organic growth, enterprise organizations are increasing their application footprint. Connecting these disparate systems and data sources for insights and efficiency requires a powerful, yet flexible messaging middleware solution.

Thousands of organizations are choosing Apache ActiveMQ as their message broker over paid commercial options — but the best-in-class organizations aren’t going at it alone.

By selecting OpenLogic as your vendor for ActiveMQ, Camel, & Kafka support, you’ll be confident that your middleware is implemented and configured properly for your environment — ensuring no downtime or data loss.

Data Flow

Ensure Success With ActiveMQ Support and Training From OpenLogic

Because your messaging middleware acts as the hub for lots of applications, downtime or poor configuration can have a huge impact to your organization and bring entire processes to a screeching halt.

Ensuring your team is knowledgeable and supported can help you to maintain reliability, and ensure optimal performance for your middleware, and application at large.

That's why you need ActiveMQ support from OpenLogic. 


Groundbreaking ActiveMQ Support

OpenLogic helps you gain confidence in your middleware by ensuring ActiveMQ is set up and configured properly for your environment. We will help you build and maintain a robust, highly-performant and scalable messaging solution by considering the following with our ActiveMQ support:

  • JVM tuning – For efficient memory usage that accounts for expected traffic.
  • Architectural planning – For a dependable, secure implementation of ActiveMQ
  • Scalability – Assess your ActiveMQ implementation for scalablity.
  • Availability – Determine best model for sustained application availability
  • Data reliability – Evaluate message journal configuration to avoid data corruption.
  • Security – Assess message payloads and processes for end-to-end security.



Expert-Led Training for ActiveMQ

When learning ActiveMQ, it’s always better to learn from the experts. With our virtual training, your team will gain working knowledge of this powerful middleware. Our two-week course covers everything from JMS basics, to deployment and scaling ActiveMQ for optimum performance.

Get ActiveMQ Support and Training for Your Team

Already working with ActiveMQ? Just learning the ropes? Our open source experts can help.

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Get Over the Hump With Apache Camel Support and Training From OpenLogic

While ActiveMQ functions as the broker for data flow, Apache Camel allows you to leverage enterprise integration patterns for sophisticated routing and transformation of that data.

With the potential to save hundreds of lines of boilerplate code on complex integrations, and create workflows that utilize a fraction of a traditional cloud stack, Apache Camel can be a time-saving and transformative addition for development teams.

OpenLogic offers expert-led training that can help your team get a working knowledge of Apache Camel, and then support your team from integration into deployment, and beyond.

Apache Camel

Apache Camel Support Your Team Can Count On

Whether your team is considering or already using Apache Camel, OpenLogic can help your team succeed.

Our experts can help scope, implement, and maintain Apache Camel on your enterprise-scale application, all while helping to achieve the full benefits of Apache Camel, including:

  • Boilerplate reduction – Create workflows using a low-code configuration syntax
  • Dynamic routing – Move data around your enterprise based on its content
  • Messaging resiliency – Implement retry patterns, exception handling, exponential backoff, and more.
  • Integration patterns – Create powerful integration workflows based on industry-standard Enterprise Integration Patterns.
  • Security – Move data and federate systems with concern for end-to-end security best practices.

Expert-Led Training for Apache Camel

Just getting started with Apache Camel? Our experts can help your team learn to integrate and federate systems with Apache Camel.

The two-week training course features daily four hour, instructor-led lessons, and guides you through everything from syntax and composition of Apache Camel through advanced concepts like retry patterns and dead letter channels.

Get Apache Camel Support and Training for Your Team

Ready to take the next step? Our experts are standing by to help you pick the support and training options you need to succeed with Apache Camel.

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Apache Kafka Support From OpenLogic

When it comes to distributed streaming platforms, Kafka is a top choice among development teams. With its ability to publish, subscribe to, and store streams of records – and do so in a fault-tolerant and durable method – it’s a powerful, open source tool for modern, enterprise applications.

But implementing Kafka requires skill, fully realizing its capability for speed and reliability requires knowledge, and successfully maintaining Kafka implementations requires patience and expertise.

The open source experts at OpenLogic provide advanced, consultative support for Apache Kafka on your distributed enterprise application, and can help your team to implement, and realize the full benefits of this powerful tool, including:

  • Clustering – Run Kafka as a local or distributed cluster for processing streams.
  • Optimized record retention – Optimize application performance by tuning record storage to fit application needs.
  • Processing resilience – Use fault tolerance best practices to ensure message processing availability across your enterprise stack.
  • Client optimization – Ensure that application clients are written according to Kafka best practices.

Get Apache Kafka Support and Training for Your Team

Ready to implement Apache Kafka on your project? Our team of experts is standing by to help you get it done.

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Why Make the Switch to ActiveMQ & Camel

OpenLogic has helped many organizations migrate to ActiveMQ from commercial messaging middleware solutions such as WebSphereMQ, Dell Boomi, Oracle AQ, TIBCO EMS, and MSMQ.

By making the switch to ActiveMQ backed by OpenLogic support, these organizations have been able to:

  • Integrate dozens more multi-language applications (Java, C++, .NET, PHP, etc.).
  • Make substantial operational efficiency and performance gains
  • Understand crucial details about the health of the broker, message traffic, and client status.

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