Get Long-Term Support for Your EOL AngularJS 

In December 2021, AngularJS reached End-of-Life (EOL) status, which means the open source community no longer releases updates or patches for AngularJS.

If you need a longer runway for your migration off AngularJS, OpenLogic is here to help.

OpenLogic provides long-term support for AngularJS, including security patches for medium and high severity CVEs, guaranteed SLAs, and fixes for web browser and jQuery updates that cause breaking changes.

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AngularJS Long-Term Support Now Available Until December 2030

Unlimited Developer Users. Unlimited LTS Support Tickets.

Patches for All Medium and High Severity CVEs (CVSS Score 4+)

Guaranteed Patch Delivery SLAs for CVSS Score 7+

Patches for Breaking Changes Caused by Web Browser or jQuery Updates

Competitive Pricing, No Set Up Fees, No Surprise Charges

Why Choose OpenLogic for AngularJS Long-Term Support?

Meet Compliance Requirements For Support

Face your next IT audit knowing your EOL AngularJS is protected against vulnerabilities and web browser breaking changes.

Get Security Patches & Web Browser Fixes

We provide patches for CVEs and workarounds when web browser updates introduce breaking changes in AngularJS. 

Extend Your Migration Runway & Understand Your Options

Get more time to plan your migration off AngularJS with long-term support and unbiased guidance from our experts.

AngularJS LTS You Can Count On

When you’re working with end of life AngularJS, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. A browser update could break your customer-facing application, or a newly discovered vulnerability might threaten to expose business-critical data.

With OpenLogic AngularJS LTS, you'll have peace of mind knowing patches will be available for those critical, potentially devastating situations. 

Get Long-Term Support for Your AngularJS

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