Apache Camel Training For Successful Enterprise Deployments

For developers handling complex integrations between applications, Apache Camel can be a lifesaver. But learning the requisite skills without expert guidance can mean more trouble down the road.

Whether your team has a long history of maintaining Apache Camel applications or is interested in using it for the first time, make your next project and new team members more successful with Apache Camel training that provides a common understanding and nuances of programming with Camel. 

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About the Apache Camel Training Course

The OpenLogic Apache Camel Training Workshop is geared toward Apache Camel application developers and architects who already have some experience programming with managed runtime/virtual machine languages such as Java and JVM or .NET and CLR. However, systems administrators will also benefit from education about monitoring, logging, and configuration.

In our Apache Camel training course, our experts show you how to best leverage Apache Camel, including detailed instruction on enterprise integration patterns and components, best practices, and advanced patterns (like retry patterns, exception handling, and dead letter channels).

What You Will Learn

What Will You Learn?

In the Apache Camel training workshop, developers will learn the fundamentals of Apache Camel and receive answers to many of the nuanced, advanced questions developers need to understand to successfully develop and optimize Apache Camel. 

We take developers from “Hello World” and packaging simple applications in Camel, to streaming, transforming, and aggregating real-time data. 

By focusing on existing customer use-cases as part of the lab exercises, participants walk away with the knowledge necessary to successfully implement Apache Camel within your enterprise.

Apache Camel Training Course Agenda

Our Apache Camel training is structured primarily as a lecture series, with labs that can be prepared as interactive, hands-on exercises using a laptop — or as follow-along exercises guided by the course instructor. In our standard course, we cover:

  1. A Word on ESBs
  2. Is Camel an ESB?
  3. Enterprise Integration Patterns
  4. Camel Theory
  5. Containers for Camel
  1. Programming Camel
  2. Camel in the Enterprise
  3. Debugging Camel
  4. Testing Camel
  5. Routing Logic Patterns
  1. Traffic Patterns
  2. Components
  3. Internal Languages
  4. Administration
  5. Create a Data Aggregator

How Is the Course Delivered?

The Apache Camel course is delivered on-site or via online classroom as a five-day intensive course (8 hours each day). The minimum class size is 5 participants, and we recommend no more than 15 attendees for an optimal training experience.

Before finalizing your training agenda, we schedule a 60-minute introductory call with you to establish any custom elements you may require.

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