Apache Cassandra support from OpenLogic is a smart choice for the enterprise.

For many enterprise companies, the costs of maintaining commercial database servers can reach into the millions. Apache Cassandra, when paired with SLA-backed support from OpenLogic, provides a way for companies to significantly reduce licensing and support costs while ensuring a stable platform for growth and innovation.

End to End Support
OpenLogic support goes beyond Cassandra, ensuring your data pipeline is performant and secure.

Full Stack, Full Stop
From Cassandra to Spark, the Enterprise Architects at OpenLogic can provide support for your entire OSS stack.

Deploy With Confidence
Maintain consistency, optimize replication, and tune performance at scale with guidance from our experts.

Ensure Success on Your Cassandra Implementation

Moving away from Oracle technologies can provide big savings for enterprise organizations. But, if Cassandra isn’t integrated and tuned properly, those savings can quickly turn into significant developer time spent on break fixes and management.

With guidance and support from OpenLogic, your organization can avoid these pitfalls, and instead focus on accomplishing your business goals.

Talk to an expert today to see how we can help plan and execute your move to Cassandra.

Why Trust OpenLogic For Cassandra Support?

OpenLogic provides enterprise-level Cassandra support from experienced enterprise architects with competitive SLAs. Unlike most vendors who specialize in a single technology, OpenLogic offers a comprehensive approach — with support for over 400 open source technologies.

More, our experts have decades of hands-on experience solving the biggest problems in enterprise infrastructure, and have deep knowledge and experience in implementing cutting edge open source data systems.

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Get Support for Cassandra — and Your Entire Data Stack

No matter the open source databases and database management systems you use, OpenLogic can help support your needs.

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Apache Spark

Get Expert Guidance and SLA-Backed Support for Cassandra

OpenLogic support is provided directly by experienced Enterprise Architects and guaranteed SLAs.

Talk with an expert today to start exploring your support options.

400+ Supported Packages

OpenLogic provides expert support and services for over 400 open source packages and counting.

See How We Support Open Source Databases

Our support doesn’t stop at Cassandra. See how we support the top open source databases.