With enterprise systems growing increasingly complex, the need for dependable, accurate, and versatile system monitoring has become more important than ever. Luckily, open source software can provide a cost-effective way to meet those needs – if you have the right expertise and support.

OpenLogic by Perforce makes it easy to leverage the latest advancements in open source monitoring, with experienced Enterprise Architects available to integrate, optimize, and support your monitoring stack.

Get Cutting-Edge

Harness the latest and greatest in open source monitoring solutions to improve your enterprise IT system performance.

Enjoy Full Stack Support

Whichever open source you choose, our team of Enterprise Architects can support your full open source monitoring stack.

Cut Through Complexity

Our Enterprise Architects have decades of experience solving the biggest problems in enterprise system monitoring.

Get Support for Your Monitoring Tools

When you choose OpenLogic, you get access to a team of Enterprise Architects with 15+ years of experience in solving the biggest issues in enterprise systems.

Better yet, that support is 24/7/365, backed by guaranteed SLAs, and delivered directly by our Enterprise Architects.

OpenLogic support goes beyond monitoring tools, too, with support for over 400 of the most-used open source packages today.

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Our Open Source Monitoring Tool Services

We complement our open source monitoring tool support with a wide array of professional services. See a small selection of what we offer, below.

Integration Services

Our team of experts can help to build, integrate, and configure your open source monitoring stack of choice – getting you up and running fast.

Configuration Services

Need help configuring your endpoints and performance thresholds? Our team can ensure you are tracking what’s most important.

Training Services

Help develop your internal expertise with in-depth and  comprehensive training from our team of Enterprise Architects.

Choose the Monitoring Tools That Fit Your Needs

Because OpenLogic is solution-agnostic, we’ll always recommend the open source packages that best fit your needs.

See Supported Packages

Get the Monitoring Tool Support and Services You Need

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Support for All Your OSS

OpenLogic supports 400+ open source technologies. 

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