When organizations have data streaming needs, Apache Kafka serves as an efficient platform to store and stream distributed data at scale. But, as with any solution applied at scale, inefficiencies in your Kafka implementation can compound quickly. Worse, they can leave your team spending precious development hours, and days, tracing the root cause of problems hidden under mountains of data.

OpenLogic by Perforce provides a seamless experience for companies using Apache Kafka. With Enterprise Architects who have years of experience solving the biggest problems in enterprise data, and SLA-backed, end-to-end support, you can keep your team focused on achieving your goals.

End-to-End Expertise

Your data doesn’t stop at Kafka. OpenLogic ensures your full data pipeline is secure and performant – 24/7/365.

Full OSS Stack Support

From Kafka to Spark, Cassandra, PostgreSQL or other open source technologies, OpenLogic supports your entire open source stack.

Minimize Cloud Costs

We ensure your data stream is fully optimized, which helps to reduce cloud overhead.

Why Choose OpenLogic For Kafka Support?

OpenLogic provides expert support for integrated open source at enterprise scale. Unlike many support vendors, our support is delivered directly by experienced Enterprise Architects and covers the widest selection of open source packages in the industry – all backed by ironclad SLAs.

With decades of hands-on experience engineering, modernizing, and optimizing enterprise-scale systems using open source software, our experts can help you realize the true benefits of your integrated open source.

Available Professional Services for Kafka From OpenLogic

Alongside our 24/7/365, SLA-backed Kafka support offering, OpenLogic provides a variety of professional services for Apache Kafka.

Kafka Migration Services

Want to make the move from batch-driven data to streaming data? Our experts can make your migration painless.

Kafka Integration Services

Our experts help to connect your data generating systems, however disparate, and ensure the integration adheres to known best practices and patterns.

Kafka Optimization Services

Whether you have a system in place, or need help with ongoing optimization, our experts can help ensure your system is performing its best.

Kafka Training Services

Want to increase your internal Kafka expertise?  Our experts can provide in-depth group training to get your team up to speed, fast.

End-to-End Support for Your Open Source Data

From streaming data collection and management, to leveraging that data for data-driven business decisions, OpenLogic provides end-to-end support and services for the open source technologies that make it possible.

See Supported Packages

Apache Spark

Why Use Apache Kafka?

To put it simply, Apache Kafka isn’t the leading open source streaming data solution, it’s the leading streaming data solution.

For companies who want to leverage their streaming data, or make the move from batch-driven to streaming, Kafka is the best choice available today.

For companies with the knowledge to avoid the sharp edges and a good support strategy in place in case something does go wrong, Apache Kafka is a must-have solution when working with enterprise-scale streaming data.



Get Expert Support for Apache Kafka

Ready to see what SLA-backed, expert Kafka support can do for your organization?

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Over 400 Supported Open Source Packages

OpenLogic offers support for an industry-leading number of open source packages.

Support Your Open Source Middleware

Whether you’re using Kafka, Camel, or ActiveMQ, we can help support your project.