For companies who want to break free from expensive, commercial Java application server contracts, Apache Tomcat represents a reliable, fast, and free alternative.

But moving to an open source alternative also means teams need a more dependable way to get guidance and support when they need it.

OpenLogic gives teams the ability to realize the full benefits of Apache Tomcat, while providing world-class, dependable support.

Apache Tomcat Support

Make Your Tomcat Integration Purr

Whether your team is migrating to or from Tomcat, optimizing web application performance, or in need of custom patches, OpenLogic can help make your experience a success. 

Migration Support

If you’re migrating to or from Tomcat, our enterprise architects can guide the way.

Performance Tuning

Get help improving your web application or container performance from our experts.

Long Term Support

Get custom software patches and world-class support for your Tomcat project.

Apache Tomcat Goals

Your Goals, Realized

When you engage with OpenLogic for Tomcat support or services, we put your goals first. After meeting to discuss your needs, our team of enterprise architects will review your architecture, cluster configuration, and information flow within your application.

When you’re ready to partner, we’ll present the technical solutions and pathway needed to achieve your goals.

Ready to see what OpenLogic can offer for your Tomcat project? Our enterprise architects are standing by to answer your questions.

Talk to an Expert

Get Your Java Application Enterprise Ready

For teams working on Java applications that need enterprise functionality, our enterprise architects can help your team to extend Tomcat with specific components (e.g. messaging), or find an alternative open source application server (e.g TomEE, Wildfly), that better suits your needs.

Apache Tomcat Enterprise

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Get Enterprise Support for Tomcat

What does dependable, around the clock support from OpenLogic look like? Get answers from our experts.

Need Support for ActiveMQ, Camel, or Kafka?

OpenLogic provides guidance and support for your open source messaging-oriented middleware.

Have Additional Questions?

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