This is the latest OpenJDK guide for businesses looking to utilize this open source software. How do you convince your team to choose OpenJDK? What are your options for migration and support?

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Overview of OpenJDK

Java OpenJDK is the community upstream project that represents the current origin point of the Java Runtime Edition and the Java Development Kit. The OpenJDK source code is the basis for these products.

OpenJDK can be thought of as “free” Java. It is free in the sense that there is no cost associated with it, and free in the sense that you can acquire it easily and redistribute it without worrying about license obligations.

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Why Choose OpenJDK for Your Linux?

Convincing your team to utilize an open source Linux comes with a variety of questions to be answered: Is open source Linux secure? What do open source licenses look like? How do you maintain an open source Java application? Let’s compare the JDKs to find out.

Comparing JDKs

OpenLogic by Perforce created resources to help you easily convince your team to save thousands by switching from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK. Check out the following resources:

Learn How to Install OpenJDK: Migrate to OpenJDK Latest Version

To understand whether a migration to OpenJDK makes sense for your organization, it’s critical to measure the cost, time, resource, and support implications for maintaining your Java applications. In this report, Forrester outlines your options and provides strategic recommendations.

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Getting Your OpenJDK Source Supported

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