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How do you convince your team to choose OpenJDK? What are your options for migration? How will getting support for OpenJDK help you?

Consider this your ultimate guide to the latest OpenJDK updates.

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Overview of OpenJDK

Java OpenJDK is the community upstream project that represents the current origin point of the Java Runtime Edition and the Java Development Kit. The OpenJDK source code is the basis for these products.

OpenJDK can be thought of as “free” Java. It is free in the sense that there is no cost associated with it, and free in the sense that you can acquire it easily and redistribute it without worrying about license obligations.

Looking to know the basics of OpenJDK? Get an overview in: What Is OpenJDK?

Why Choose OpenJDK?

Convincing your team to utilize OpenJDK comes with a variety of questions to be answered:

Is OpenJDK on Linux secure? What about OpenJDK on Windows? What do open source licenses look like? How do you maintain an open source Java application? Are there OpenJDK vulnerabilities? What makes OpenJDK different from other JDKs?

Latest OpenJDK Enhancements

Java is in a renaissance with OpenJDK in 2020

What's in the latest JDK enhancements? Find out in the webinar below.


What does OpenJDK adoption look like in 2020? Find out in the webinar below.


OpenJDK Downloads

Ready to get started with OpenJDK? You can now get OpenJDK downloads from OpenLogic. 

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Comparing JDKs

OpenJDK isn't the only JDK. Many switch to OpenJDK from Oracle. 

OpenLogic by Perforce created resources to help you easily convince your team to save $1,000s by switching from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK.

Differences Between JDKs

OpenJDK and Oracle JDK have a lot of similarities. But there are key differences you need to know. Compare OpenJDK vs. Oracle JDK to find out.

Licensing and Support Costs

The Oracle Java license got expensive. What exactly does that mean for you? It might be time to consider a switch to OpenJDK. 

The Future of Java

How does the future of Java affect your decision on JDKs? Watch the webinar below to learn about the implications on subscription models. 



Find out what capabilities of OpenJDK on Windows are the most important to consider. 

How to Migrate to the Latest OpenJDK Release

Does a migration to OpenJDK make sense for your organization? It’s critical to measure the cost, time, resource, and support implications for maintaining your Java applications. 

[Forrester Report] Still Considering OpenJDK?

Find out what the Forrester analysts have to say about switching to OpenJDK.

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Tips For Your Migration

Get tips from the Java experts on your OpenJDK migration. This includes what you'll need to do to take advantage of the latest OpenJDK features.

Overview of Support

Why pay for OpenJDK support? Enlisting the help of OpenJDK experts ensures that you can migrate, install, and maintain OpenJDK — without the risk of vulnerabilities. 

Support For the Latest OpenJDK & Beyond

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