Upgrade and Implementation Expertise You Can Count On

When you are considering or undertaking an upgrade or implementation project, turn to the experts at OpenLogic to speed your project delivery, optimize your outcomes, and simplify your experience. Our EAs have considerable expertise across a range of open source software and technology to support your full enterprise stack.


Operating Systems Upgrades

Upgrade CentOS, Rocky Linux, or AlmaLinux with help from our experts.

Application Server Upgrades

Upgrade Wildfly, Tomcat, or TomEE with help from our experts.

Middleware Upgrades or Implementations

Upgrade ActiveMQ, Kafka, and Kubernetes — or implement ActiveMQ, Kafka, Kubernetes, and Artemis — with help from our experts.

Database Upgrades or Implementations

Upgrade or implement PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and Cassandra with help from our experts.

Observability (Monitoring and Logging) Implementations

Implement Prometheus, Grafana, Alert Manager, and Influx DB with help from our experts.

A Proven 4-Step Model for Open Source Upgrades and Implementations

Our EAs have demonstrated expertise with a range of open source software and technology. Through our proven four step model, we collaborate with you to help you upgrade or implement open source software — using best practices to efficiently accelerate your project success.

1. Initial Analysis and Scope Definition
Work Performed by OpenLogic EA

We collaborate with your team to analyze and document the current state of your environment before the upgrade or implementation — and we set expectations while establishing success criteria.

What do you receive?

Documentation of your current state along with clear expectations on project goals and criteria for success

2. Rules of Engagement and Project Plan
Work Performed by OpenLogic EA

Developing a solid project plan is key to the success of your project. We’ll create a blueprint of your desired solution or architecture to ensure it meets the needs of your organization’s environment and end-users.

What do you receive?

A comprehensive plan that’s easy to understand and ready to execute

3. Project Execution
Work Performed by OpenLogic EA

Whether we’re completing the work on your behalf or guiding your team in the process, your EA will collaborate with you throughout each step of the execution phase, answer any questions, troubleshoot challenges that arise and serve as a trusted adviser.

What do you receive?

Successful execution and project completion

4. Final Review and Summary
Work Performed by OpenLogic EA

After completing the project according to requirements and specifications, we wrap up with a summary review that typically includes a session, presentation, or report on key results.

What do you receive?

Session, presentation, and/or report that incorporates captured data and findings from your project with recommendations for any deferred or out-of-scope items

OpenLogic Goes Beyond Upgrade and Implementation Services

Implementing open source is just the beginning. Our team of open source experts can provide 24/7/365 technical support and services that help you reach your business goals.

24/7/365 Technical Support

OpenLogic offers 24/7/365, SLA-backed technical support for over 450 open source packages.

Consultative Guidance

With OpenLogic Consultative Guidance, you can craft a long-term, winning plan for your open source stack.

Migration Services

Migrate from commercial software to open source alternatives — or from one open source package to another — with help from OpenLogic.

Request Open Source Implementation or Upgrade Services

Schedule a consultation with one of our pros where we’ll be happy to review the specifics of your project or consulting needs and provide you with a custom-scoped solution.

Support for 400+ Open Source Technologies

We support more OSS than anyone.

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