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January 17, 2020

Commercial Open Source: Are You Truly Supported?

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When the Software Crashes

Picture this: It’s 2am and something in your system has crashed. It could be any one of the 15 open source software packages you’re running. Rubbing your eyes, you pick up your phone bracing yourself for the next few hours. It’s time to begin calling every vendor and navigate the fact that they will all point fingers at one another. On top of that, none of the vendors will speak to one another. You are continuously reminded that you have a variety of different SLAs You spend hours pinpointing the issue and finally, it gets resolved. Sound familiar? 

Wouldn’t it be better to have one vendor of support that wouldn’t point fingers?

Multi-Vendor Is Not Comprehensive Support

Having several vendors for support not only creates complexity in finding solutions for mission-critical situations, it is costly. You pay for several vendor contracts and it costs you time. Time is money and wasted time is unnecessary.

With such a complicated stack and various support contracts, you are left with potential fragmentation and the risk of having a gap in support. How so? Take RedHat for instance. RedHat will tell you they support OpenJDK. In reality, that support contract is super limited to OpenJDK's interactions with RedHat software. So, there's a misconception in the market that people assume they're fully covered when they're not. If an issue arises outside of RedHat’s interaction with OpenJDK, you are stuck figuring it out on your own.

What should you do then? Take a look at your full open source software stack. You have a lot going on, but you shouldn’t be punished for adopting free software. Envision an organized stack with a singular technology support with an open line of communication. It’s possible with OpenLogic by Perforce.

How Does OpenLogic Approach Support?

You can choose a single vendor for your OSS needs. With OpenLogic, you can meet your mission-critical SLAs for all of your open source technologies. What this means is no more dealing with the automated attendants, call routing, and finger pointing. At OpenLogic, you contact the team directly to work directly with an expert who will manage your issue-resolution process from start to finish. More than providing break-fix support, OpenLogic provides support for migrations, training, innovation guidance, and so much more.

Avoid the middle of the night chaos, let us guide you from the beginning with our professional services and comprehensive training. With OpenLogic, leave behind complexity, lack of organization, and fragmentation that comes with the adoption of community-driven open source. You can modernize your business and realize the leading trends in software deployment by safely embracing open source with our enterprise support.

Have questions? We’re ready to help! Get in contact with one of our open source architects today.


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