Learn the Best Practices for Building an OSS Stack

There are many incentives for building an open-source stack: avoiding vendor lock-in; leveraging the latest technologies; future-proofing your architecture; oh, and circumventing those hefty license fees. The downside? There’s an ever-expanding selection of open-source projects to choose from, the landscape is in constant flux, and, of course, open source doesn’t always mean free. For companies facing these challenges, getting good advice is crucial.

OpenLogic by Perforce specializes in this space. With experts who span the spectrum of critical open-source software, they have deep expertise in a wide range of enterprise solutions, like Kafka, Cassandra, and Spark. Perforce knows when, where and how to leverage these powerful solutions. They even created an Open-Source Stack Builder that helps system architects and teams to design their ideal stack.

Have Questions About Building Your OSS Stack?

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