Every enterprise organization is in the data business, whether they know it or not. But leveraging that data requires having the right IT technologies (including open source middleware) in place, and the right people to implement, optimize, and support them. So how can organizations jumpstart the modernization of their data layer to ensure they're getting the most from their hard-earned data?

About the Decision Maker's Guide to Open Source Middleware

Our Decision Maker's Guide to Open Source Middleware explores the role of middleware in the modern enterprise stack, including popular open source technologies (e.g. ActiveMQ, Camel, Kafka, and others) and how they can combine to solve common enterprise problems – like system federation and streaming data.

Read this guide for insight into:

  • How common middleware architectures work
  • Popular open source middleware options
  • The problems it solves in enterprise applications and systems
  • How open source middleware can be applied for enterprise system federation
  • How open source middleware can be used to leverage streaming within an enterprise system
  • And more!

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