With CentOS 8 end of life arriving 8 years ahead of schedule, organizations must determine their path forward — and fast. But what options do they have, and do they have time to find the right path before CentOS 8 end of life hits?

About the Webinar

Join Javier Perez, Chief Evangelist of Open Source Software at Openlogic, as he discusses the announcement at the heart of the CentOS 8 EOL shift, what the new emphasis on CentOS Stream means, and the choices organizations must make going forward.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What the announcement means, and why it was made
  • When CentOS Stream is the right path forward
  • Alternative migration options for CentOS 8 users
  • Support options for those not ready to migrate

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OpenLogic is now offering a free, 1-hour consultation for organizations impacted by the changes to CentOS 8 end of life. If you have questions about support or migration options for your CentOS deployments, click the button below schedule your consultation today.

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professional headshot of Javier Perez

Javier Perez

Chief Evangelist - Open Source and Security, Perforce Software

Passionate about technology and open-source software, Javier is Chief Evangelist for Open Source and Security at Perforce Software. He is responsible for technical thought leadership and advocacy for the open-source and application security portfolios. 

Javier has been in the application development, open-source, cloud, app security, AI, SaaS, and mobile industries for 20+ years, and has had the opportunity to speak at industry events all over the world. Javier holds an honors degree in Computer Systems and an MBA.