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Here is what people are talking about this week in the world of free and open source software: 

  • Reverse Engineering the Source Code of The BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine
  • Want to Really Understand How Bitcoin works? Here’s a Gentle Primer
  • 7 Enlightening Talks From All Things Open 2020

Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


Non-Security Updates

Jenkins 2.273

  • Fix plugin manager buttons to correctly reposition themselves instead of being stuck under certain conditions (regression in 2.270). (issue 64504)
  • Make the root source paths of GroovyHookScript customizable with jenkins.util.groovy.GroovyHookScript.ROOT_PATH. (issue 63833)
  • Hide collapse icon in sidepanel widgets if they cannot be collapsed. (issue 64483)
  • Update stapler to 1.262 to fix a number of IllegalReflectiveAccessWarnings when running on Java 11. (pull 5111, Stapler 1.262 changelog)


Apache ActiveMQ Training 

With many organizations choosing ActiveMQ over paid commercial options, developers with the skills needed to work with this full-featured — but deceptively complex —open source message broker are in high demand. For developers and engineers who want to improve their practical knowledge and understanding of ActiveMQ, this on-demand training course covers everything from messaging and JMS basics, to how to deploy, scale, and optimize performance in ActiveMQ. 

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