With many organizations choosing ActiveMQ over paid commercial options, developers with the skills needed to work with this full-featured — but deceptively complex —open source message broker are in high demand.

For developers and engineers who want to improve their practical knowledge and understanding of ActiveMQ, this on-demand training course covers everything from messaging and JMS basics, to how to deploy, scale, and optimize performance in ActiveMQ.

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What Will You Learn?

After completing this ActiveMQ training course, you will understand:

  • The basics of messaging and JMS.
  • How HA, DR, and system monitoring work in ActiveMQ.
  • How to deploy, horizontally scale, and optimize performance in ActiveMQ.
  • How to avoid common issues in ActiveMQ.


This course is designed to help developers, architects, and infrastructure/DevOps engineers gain working knowledge of ActiveMQ.

What Does It Include?

The OpenLogic ActiveMQ training course features 12 hours of on-demand training provided by OpenLogic Chief Architect, Justin Reock. The training is broken up into 12 recorded sessions that can be viewed at any time.

Group Rates

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