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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Non-Security Updates

JBoss Drools 7.52.0.Final
[DROOLS-6044] - DRLX parser: update condition/consequence syntax
[DROOLS-6074] - Enable exec-model for moved tests in drools-test-coverage : 3rd round
[DROOLS-6075] - Scenario Simulation type error popup when constraint applied to DMN data type
[DROOLS-6173] - Review drools-mvel dependency in drools-test-coverage

Firefox 88
PDF forms now support JavaScript embedded in PDF files. Some PDF forms use JavaScript for validation and other interactive features.
Print updates: Margin units are now localized.
Smooth pinch-zooming using a touchpad is now supported on Linux
To protect against cross-site privacy leaks, Firefox now isolates data to the website that created it. Learn more

Narayana 5.11.1.Final
[JBTM-3453] - com.hp.mwtests.ts.arjuna.reaper.ReaperTestCase3 generating too much logging output
[JBTM-3454] - JTA CDI should roll-back when intercepted method throws Error
[JBTM-3456] - LRA OpenAPI Schema fails as misses references to API version header and parameter

OpenSSH 8.6
* sftp-server(8): add a new protocol extension that allows a client to discover various server limits, including maximum packet size and maximum read/write length.
* sftp(1): use the new extension (when available) to select better transfer lengths in the client.
* sshd(8): Add ModuliFile keyword to sshd_config to specify the location of the "moduli" file containing the groups for DH-GEX.
* unit tests: Add a TEST_SSH_ELAPSED_TIMES environment variable to enable printing of the elapsed time in seconds of each test.

Wildfly 23.0.1.Final
[WFLY-14162] - Upgrade to CXF 3.3.10 & JBossWS CXF 5.4.3.Final
[WFLY-14531] - InfinispanSessionManager should be more discriminating about listener registration
[WFLY-14542] - Cache entries in heap can exceed max-active-sessions when distributed session manager configured with local, passivating caches
[WFLY-14554] - Deprecate Infinispan hotrod transaction resource.

Spring Framework 5.3.6
Make sure file storage directory exists before usage in DefaultPartHttpMessageReader #26790
Allow spring-expression to be more easily repackaged for embedding in third-party JARs #26779
Support 'Accept-Patch' header in MVC and WebFlux #26759
Invalid IPv6 Address with X-Forwarded-For leads to number format exception #26748

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