Get Insight Into Top Open Source Trends

Keeping up with trends across the full breadth of open source packages can be a tall task. That's why we put together our new Open Source Trend Report series.

In our first 2021 Open Source Trend Report, we show the results of two concurrent surveys:

The first, a survey of our Enterprise Architects, looks at how our team views operating systems, data technologies, and cloud technologies in terms of maturity and importance to modern system development.

The second, a public survey, ranks the top contenders to “replace” CentOS, the popularity of data-mesh technologies, and finally, development priorities for 2021.

Read This Report to Learn:

  • Which open source data technologies are on the rise, and which ones are on the decline
  • The open source cloud technologies most important to modern system design
  • Projections regarding the future of the open source operating system landscape
  • The most-used data mesh technologies, and why they’re important
  • Front-runners to “replace” CentOS, and why that need may be overhyped
  • The top development priorities for teams in 2021

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