The 2024 State of Open Source Report confirms that from early-stage startups to the largest global enterprises, open source adoption is on the rise. Organizations in every corner of the globe are deploying open source — operating systems, cloud-native software and containers, databases, security tools, and more — in their infrastructure to speed innovation and move their businesses forward.

Once again, OpenLogic is hosting a live webinar dedicated to the State of Open Source Report. Experts involved with producing this year’s report will discuss the key findings, highlighting meaningful takeaways for both practitioners and decision-makers at organizations using open source software regardless of their industry, region, or size. 

About the Webinar

In this panel webinar, you will learn:

  • What drove open source adoption in the past year vs. previous years
  • Which technologies saw increased usage in 2023 and which declined
  • Security and support challenges that teams working with open source encounter
  • Which business-critical tools are receiving the most investment
  • The industries that are the most mature in terms of open source usage
  • And more!

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Javier Perez 2023 Headshot

Javier Perez

Chief OSS Evangelist and Senior Director of Product Management, Perforce Software

Passionate about technology and open source software, Javier is the Chief Open Source Evangelist and Senior Director of Product Management at Perforce Software. He is responsible for technical thought leadership and advocacy for open source software while driving the OpenLogic by Perforce offering. Javier has been in the application development, open source, cloud, app security, AI, SaaS, and mobile industries for 25+ years. As a speaker and blogger, he has had the opportunity to present at industry events all over the world. Javier holds an honors degree in Computer Systems and an MBA.

Image OL Stefano Maffulli Profile Pic

Stefano Maffulli

Executive Director, Open Source Initiative

Stefano is an open source leader. He has experience leading marketing and community projects across organizations, partners, and countries. Stefano is a skilled writer and speaker on community building and an active open source contributor. 

Image OL Gaël Blondelle Eclipse Foundation Profile Pic

Gaël Blondelle

Chief Membership Officer, Eclipse Foundation

Gaël Blondelle joined the Eclipse Foundation in 2013 and now serves as Chief Membership Officer. He has been involved in the open source arena for more than 18 years in a number of key roles. Gaël co-founded an open source start-up and worked as its Chief Technology Officer. He then worked in business development for an open source systems integration company and managed a strategic research project aiming to create an open source ecosystem with major industrial players. Gaël joined the Eclipse Foundation to pursue his goal of helping more companies work in open source, and to grow open, innovative and collaborative ecosystems.