Until January 2019, over 70% of commercial Java applications used the Oracle JDK JVM. However, Oracle’s new licensing requirements for Java SE (Oracle’s JDK runtime) updates and support has many application development and delivery teams sizing up their options.

The least disruptive option is to keep using Oracle Java and manage new fees. For many organizations this means paying million-dollar Oracle invoices or risk licensing compliance fines. Industry analysts, such as Gartner and Forrester are recommending OpenJDK adoption with supported builds of OpenJDK from other vendors, such as OpenLogic.

Benefits of Java Support from OpenLogic


Multi-Platform Support

Support for Open Source Java (OpenJDK, OpenJ9) and Oracle Java

Guidance beyond Java Support

Get Enterprise and Open Source Java Support

Whether you are using open source Java or paying for a license, OpenLogic offers technical support for OpenJDK, OpenJ9, and Oracle Java — as well as free OpenJDK builds.

Free OpenJDK Downloads

OpenLogic offers free, quarterly builds of OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 (OpenJDK 17 coming soon) for Linux, Windows, and MacOS — as well as Docker images. Our OpenJDK builds are updated quarterly.

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Java Support

Wherever you get your Java, we’ll support it. OpenLogic provides technical support for many Java distributions, including OpenJDK, OpenJ9, and Oracle Java.

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Java experts weigh in with migrations tips and planning considerations before
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Why Is OpenLogic Qualified to Provide Java Support?

OpenLogic has a long and rich history of OpenJDK community contributions. We believe in and support the open source community development model, and that is reflected in our contributions.

In August 2019, OpenLogic recognized that the current state of Java WebStart technology in OpenJDK was not as capable as the Oracle JDK equivalent. The build was missing critical functionality such as site exceptions, jar key matching, Windows Proxy settings, and other functions.

OpenLogic added functionality to IcedTea-Web to bring parity with Oracle’s WebStart distribution. These upgrades were accepted into IcedTea-Web 2.0.

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Open Source Support Beyond Java Support

OpenLogic beyond technical support for OpenJDK by providing technical support, consultative services, and guidance for open source technologies across your entire stack.

Migration Services

Our Enterprise Architects are experienced in Oracle to OpenJDK migrations and can help you from roadmap to deployment and beyond.

Support Options

With guaranteed SLAs, we deliver immediate access to a team of Enterprise Architects who can help you reach resolutions faster.

Innovation Guidance

Get vendor-neutral, unbiased guidance to help your team innovate faster and more freely through open source.

Additional Reading on the State of Java Support & OpenJDK

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OpenLogic can provide guidance for understanding your Java needs today vs tomorrow, how much it’s going to cost, and your strategy moving forward.

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