March 31, 2022

10 Reasons Why Companies Choose OpenLogic for OSS Support

Open Source

As shown in the 2022 State of Open Source Report, organizations around the world today are consuming and contributing to open source software more than ever before. But successfully using open source in business critical applications requires dependable OSS support.

In this blog, we discuss the top 10 reasons why companies choose OpenLogic by Perforce for their OSS support, and why that support is critical to harnessing the true innovative potential of OSS.

Why Companies Need OSS Support

The building blocks of nearly all applications today are based on open source software, and the number of open source infrastructure and DevOps tools is growing fast. But what is driving that growth? The number one reason organizations are using open source software is to gain access to innovation and the latest technologies.

For those adopting open source software, acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to integrate, operate, and maintain open source technologies has been a constant challenge. These organizations have a variety of reasons for trusting the technical support OpenLogic provides for their new or deployed open source software.

The Top 10 Reasons Companies Choose OpenLogic for OSS Support

For over 20 years, OpenLogic has offered expert technical support for open source software to organizations around the world. While there are many reasons why teams ultimately choose OpenLogic for OSS support, below we list 10 commonly-cited reasons that make OpenLogic their top choice.

1. Enterprise Technical Support and Services for Over 450 Open Source Packages

No other company in the world can offer expert enterprise-grade technical support for so many open source packages. This includes a large variety of Linux distributions, data technologies, and DevOps tooling.   

Every organization is using open source software extensively, and for our customers, OpenLogic is a “one-stop shop” that guarantees a yearly support contract for some or most of the open source software used in their development or production environments.  

OpenLogic provides peace of mind for organizations that need expert support and advice for the complexity of testing, using, scaling, or integrating open source software.

2. Direct Support From Enterprise Architects With 15+ Years of Experience

Unlike many tech support or call support centers, OpenLogic customers interact directly with expert enterprise architects on every call and every support ticket. This expertise is ideal for assistance with complicated integrations, installations, and the configuration of open source software.  

Whether that means helping with upgrades between releases, advising on configuration changes for critical scalability on large deployments, or maintaining optimal performance, OpenLogic customers are working directly with our team of enterprise architects.

3. Consistent Access to OSS Expertise, Regardless of Staffing Churn or Technology Shifts

From not having enough personnel, to facing a compelling event such as “the great resignation,” when resources with the necessary skills and experience are absent, organizations turn to OpenLogic to cover those gaps.   

The advancement of open source technologies and the adoption of different technology stacks have become significant challenges for organizations. The lack of internal skills does not allow organizations to use and support open source software properly. For large organizations, although the personnel are sometimes available, they do not always have the experience and proficiency required for using and managing complex open source software. 

For either staffing churn or technology advancement, OpenLogic is the vendor of choice for many organizations who want to ensure coverage for those skill gaps. 

4. OpenLogic Makes OSS Lifecycle Management Easy

The 2022 State of Open Source Report showed that one of the main support challenges with open source software is keeping up with updates and patches. The trend toward shorter life cycles and constant releases is a reality in most open source projects. That, combined with the ever-changing software and availability of security fixes, has become a constant challenge for IT operations and development teams.  

Our deep expertise with OSS release life cycles – and even providing patches for end-of-life open source software such as CentOS and AngularJS – has become a significant reason why organizations choose OpenLogic technical support.  

5. Deep Experience Integrating Open Source Packages Into Full-Stack Deployments

Every day, OpenLogic enterprise architects are busy answering questions related to how to use and integrate open source technologies such as networking, containers, middleware, databases, and data technologies.

Why? Integration and interoperability between all the open source software that comprise technology stacks are seldom straightforward. OpenLogic customers receive assistance configuring open source software in distributed architectures when they need to scale up environments and even during software migrations. 

6. Vendor Consolidation for Enterprise Technical Support

One of the drawbacks of the commercialization of open source software has been that organizations now work with an increased number of vendors. For example, organizations can deploy different commercial Linux distributions, or pay for a commercial version of open source databases such as PostgreSQL which is offered by more than five vendors. The number of vendors offering a commercial version of open source software adds up quickly. 

Not only do organizations consolidate all their open source support requirements with OpenLogic, but doing so also allows them to avoid falling into vendor lock-in where they are subject to price increases or required to work only with the services and integrations provided by those vendors. Support from OpenLogic provides a way for companies to reduce licensing and support costs significantly while ensuring stable software operations. 

If they need to make a change, customers have the freedom to choose or switch open source technologies backed by the expert technical support of OpenLogic. 

7. Full OSS Stack Support, No Finger-Pointing

One of the most common misconceptions is that paying for proprietary software or commercial open source software will include all support needs. In this day and age of growing open source technology stacks and diverse technologies, it’s just easy for vendors to point fingers at each other when issues are touching two or more technologies. 

Because OpenLogic provides technical support and services for over 450 open source packages, it offers unique advantages in researching and troubleshooting the required open source stack without finger-pointing and helps customers get back to their required operations and functionalities. 

8. Unbiased, Vendor-Neutral Guidance

Because OpenLogic is brand-agnostic, customers can count on OpenLogic enterprise architects to determine the best technology for their needs. We provide recommendations based on the customers’ specific needs rather than on sponsorships or commercial interests.   

Whether the customer needs a recommendation on a Linux distribution, or which database can best solve their unique needs, OpenLogic enterprise architects provide unbiased expert advice for specific customer requirements. At the end of the day, OpenLogic does not offer software; it provides vendor-neutral support and services for organizations using open source software. 

9. Service-Level Agreement Support Options Up to 24/7/365

OpenLogic customers receive open source technical support with options to meet SLAs, which is a must-have for OSS used in business critical applications. While SLAs are not available in open source communities, OpenLogic offers SLA-backed support with an unlimited number of support tickets and an unlimited number of contacts to work directly with our expert enterprise architects. 

Customers with gold-level support receive 24/7 assistance anywhere in the world, with response times according to ticket severity.

10. Enterprise-Grade Support, Regardless of Infrastructure or Environment

Today’s organizations host their applications in diverse environments, from on-premises to public clouds, or hybrid environments. The use of multiple Linux distributions and different open source infrastructure software is commonly seen across organizations. OpenLogic supports customers regardless of their infrastructure or environment; there are no platform restrictions or limitations in the amount of support provided. 

For example, our support on CentOS covers wherever it is deployed, regardless of the hardware size, type, or cloud environment. 

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