During hard times, budget cuts are never a fun activity. When it comes to critical software, how can you save without sacrificing quality? The answer lies within open source software.

Switching from commercial to open source software not only adds thousands back to your IT budget, but also offers your developers more freedom, innovation, and, with the help of OpenLogic, comprehensive support.

In this webinar, OpenLogic Chief Architect Justin Reock will present the top ways your team can save money with open source. Discover the latest, fresh insights and come away with the knowledge necessary to: Move away from expensive commercial vendors, such as RedHat or Oracle.

  • Unravel embedded messaging tools with flexible, no-cost open source options.
  • Deploy modern and scalable solutions for your monitoring and logging.
  • Understand the testing and quality capabilities of Jenkins vs. Cloudbees.
  • Catch up with open source communities who are leading the charge onquality big data and analytics solutions.
  • Run everything on a completely free operating system that is functionally equivalent in every respect to RHEL.
  • Get rid of the headache of managing dozens of enterprise open source support vendors.

Looking to get supported on free software? Try the OpenLogic difference with a free consultative support ticket from an Enterprise Architect. Learn more about the free trial here.