When your open source doesn't work, you don't either. Yet many organizations continue to rely on fuzzy expertise, Google search, and luck to architect, deploy, and maintain open source packages when they wouldn't do the same for proprietary code. Why is this?

To reduce costs and frustration with open source issues, it helps to understand how enterprise-class open source support can help. Using real data from hundreds of open source packages across a variety of organizations, this webinar discusses the statistics, the questions, and the realities of using OSS in the field:

  • What are the real costs when it come to using "free" open source code?
  • What packages see the most requests for support
  • Who uses OSS support and what's an example scenario?

If you've ever encountered an issue with open source, whether technical or architectural, or needed to choose the best packages to solve a particular problem, this webinar gives you the data you need to start using open source support within your organization.

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