For us, open source support is much more than fixing systems broken in production, it’s about partnering with your team to provide world-class expertise, training, and support solutions before, during, and after your software goes live. For you, we offer complete solutions across the lifecycle, from architecture to de-commissioning, that’s faster than the community and more reliable than Google search.

Watch this in-depth walkthrough of the support services included in your current support contract. We'll review how the support process works, the types of incidents we see, the packages we support, and cover all the reviews, audits, production optimization, training, and troubleshooting services available to your team and other teams within the company.

Additionally, you'll learn:

  • What's new
  • How to access support
  • The types of questions and problems we can help with
  • Additional training and services available
  • How to make use of OpenUpdate to improve operations

And remember, with unlimited contacts, our support services are available to your entire organization, so if you know of another team that could take advantage of Tier 3 and 4 OSS architects working alongside them, ask them to watch this webinar too!

Partner With the Right Support

Partner with the right support. The OpenLogic experts can provide support for your open source packages — and help you maximize your open source technology. Talk to an expert today to learn more about what we offer in our open source support contracts.

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