Your Essential Guide to Using Linux in the Enterprise

Many enterprises leverage Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It's a popular enterprise server based on open source software. But, there are drawbacks to choosing RHEL for Linux in the enterprise. 

Your IT team will struggle with the RHEL proprietary ecosystem. And your licensing and support fees will get increasingly expensive. 

There's a better way to use Linux in the enterprise — without the costs and complications of RHEL. 

That way is to migrate to CentOS for enterprise Linux. Your IT team will appreciate the open ecosystem. CentOS itself is free. And you can enlist Linux experts to support CentOS and save 50% or more than you could with RHEL.

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Learn How to Get Enterprise Linux — at a Fair Price

Find out how you can have the best available enterprise Linux at an affordable price by migrating from RHEL to CentOS.

We partnered with CIO Magazine to put together this comprehensive white paper on enterprise Linux. Download the white paper now to learn: 

  • Your business case for migrating to CentOS, including typical cost savings and the benefits.
  • How to get enterprise-level support for CentOS that is equivalent to the levels provided by Red Hat, but costs much less.
  • How to identify migration candidates, what a typical migration roadmap looks like, and best practices for success.

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