Rogue Wave Software Announces Curated Open Source Stacks at OSCON 2018

OpenLogic Stacks Eliminate Infrastructure Challenges for Enterprises Around the World

Rogue Wave Software announces a new way for enterprise IT teams to use proven open source components to deliver and maintain business applications with OpenLogic stacks. Offering six flexible stacks (JEE/OpenJDK, lightweight Java, serverless Java, Node.js, PHP, and Big Data) over three private/hybrid clouds (OpenStack, oVirt, Kubernetes), OpenLogic stacks are a vendor-neutral and opinionated set of fully-integrated, configured, and orchestrated components for each architectural layer, from metal to application.

“In little more than a decade, we’ve changed our thinking from avoiding open source for critical infrastructure to embracing it and wanting someone else to do it for us,” says Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst at RedMonk. “These days, organizations want to make their IT problems someone else’s problems.”

Allowing businesses to focus on their core values, instead of the integration work and long-term maintenance of resources, OpenLogic stacks are curated and supported by enterprise architects with decades of experience in delivering countless business solutions – from architectural audits to full-scale production systems – for Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Rogue Wave CEO Brian Pierce outlines the OpenLogic difference, “IT teams look to us for unparalleled open source expertise and to avoid getting locked into a specific vendor or ecosystem, at any level of their stack. Focused solely on real enterprise workloads, we offer the stacks that don’t get stuck, where customers get the backing of proven experts using the best tools and methods to ensure their systems deliver long-term value.”

Visit our open source experts at OSCON 2018, booth #410, to build your own stack and participate in the “Stump the OSS expert” game to win a prize.

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About Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave helps thousands of global enterprise customers tackle the hardest and most complex issues in building, connecting, and securing applications. Since 1989, our platforms, tools, components, and support have been used across financial services, technology, healthcare, government, entertainment, and manufacturing, to deliver value and reduce risk. From API management, web and mobile, embeddable analytics, static and dynamic analysis to open source support, we have the software essentials to innovate with confidence. Rogue Wave Software (and Open Logic) was acquired by Perforce in 2019.

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