Rogue Wave Increases Commitment to Open Source Community with Enhanced Support for CentOS

Also Makes CentOS Images Available in AWS Marketplace

Rogue Wave Software announced today their increased commitment to supporting the CentOS open source software (OSS) package. Since the August 2013 acquisition of OpenLogic, Rogue Wave has supported CentOS, along with other top OSS enterprise packages. The new commitment to CentOS means support opportunities will now come with hotfixes and patches, which will directly benefit the entire CentOS community. Additionally, Rogue Wave will simplify CentOS support by making it extremely easy for customers to deploy the CentOS images from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

According to Improve Cybersecurity With DevOps, a July 2015 Forrester report by Kurt Bittner and Rick Holland, “Use of open source frameworks, operating systems, and middleware exposes organizations to risks outside of their immediate control.” However, this doesn't mean that organizations should be fearful, they just need to be prepared. With OpenLogic Support, development teams can now be confident using CentOS, knowing they'll receive support from expert architects rather than a call center.

OpenLogic Enhanced Support for CentOS means that patches and hotfixes are delivered within 72 hours, allowing development teams to get back to work as quickly as possible. In addition to being hosted on the Rogue Wave repository, these patches and fixes will also be submitted to the community for inclusion into the CentOS code base.

Developers can now find the answers they need while saving time and money, and allowing them to focus on the day-to-day with much less stress.

“With our ten-year history in open source, organizations can feel confident in our ability to resolve issues,” said Richard Sherrard, director of product management at Rogue Wave Software. “We have tier-4 enterprise architects that offer round-the-clock support for entire ecosystems. We are long-standing experts when it comes to OSS and CentOS support.”

Organizations will also be able to get out-of-the-box security-hardened images, conforming to both the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and OpenSCAP benchmark standards, as well as standard CentOS images, through AWS Marketplace.

“We are pleased to see the addition of these CentOS images in AWS Marketplace,” says Barry Russell, General Manager of Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Our customers run cost-efficient yet demanding workloads, so the ability to offer a security hardened version of CentOS, which can be deployed in minutes and architected to run on AWS, is critical to many Enterprise environments. With this new offering, Rogue Wave is making it easier for customers to secure their operating systems to CIS and OpenSCAP standards.”

With guidance, training, and solutions to troubleshoot issues and optimize deployments, as well as competitive pricing, the Rogue Wave dedicated, independent CentOS development team will provide support across an organization's entire stack and provide hotfixes and patches from its own CentOS repository. Our CentOS Linux support extends to development teams to provide the expertise and experience necessary to deploy and maintain critical production systems.

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Rogue Wave helps thousands of global enterprise customers tackle the hardest and most complex issues in building, connecting, and securing applications. Since 1989, our platforms, tools, components, and support have been used across financial services, technology, healthcare, government, entertainment, and manufacturing, to deliver value and reduce risk. From API management, web and mobile, embeddable analytics, static and dynamic analysis to open source support, we have the software essentials to innovate with confidence. Rogue Wave Software (and Open Logic) was acquired by Perforce in 2019.

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