Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the CentOS announcement mean to my business? 

A. We understand that the announcement has taken many businesses by surprise. However, no decisions or changes need to happen immediately. You have time. Whatever version you are on now, you can get ongoing support and builds through OpenLogic by Perforce, including the Linux CentOS 8 release (see timelines below).

Going forward, the choice to stay with CentOS, move to CentOS Stream, or migrate to another distribution is entirely up to your business goals, release schedules, etc. Perforce and the OpenLogic team have extensive experience helping customers run enterprise open source at scale, with a proven track record of support, consulting, and migrations. Please consider us a trusted advisor in your decision-making process.


Q. What is OpenLogic’s response to the announcement that the CentOS community will shift their focus to CentOS Stream?

A: OpenLogic has been following the announcement and CentOS Stream preview since the original implementation. While we understand that this decision may be disruptive to some, we liken it to the decision many software communities have made to shift to more rapid release and continuous delivery patterns, such as the shift to six-month major releases of Java.


Q. What are some of the risks of moving to CentOS Stream?

A. Running package upgrades against the public CentOS Stream may result in unexpected updates of supporting Linux packages. Businesses who rely on the CentOS community to curate stable package versions will need to consider this in their test plans.

If you choose to continue to adopt CentOS Stream, in general, the less continually you currently deliver your software, the more risk you will incur at release time.


Q. When will these changes take effect?

A. The changes will take effect as shown in the chart below. As you can see by the dates listed, customers do not need to make an immediate decision. You have plenty of time to decide the right choice for your business going forward. 

VersionCommunity SupportSupport via OpenLogic

CentOS 6

EOL November, 2020EOL support available until December, 2025

CentOS 7

EOL June, 2024Support available now, EOL support available until December, 2029

CentOS 8

EOL December, 2021
(originally December, 2029)
Support available now, EOL support available until 2026

For additional information, please contact your Perforce account manager or email us at [email protected]


Q. What’s the best Linux Distro?

That answer depends on the needs of your application. Please speak with an expert today to see which Linux distribution, (or other ubuntu alternative) is right for your needs.


Q. What free Linux distros are available?

There are several open source CentOS Linux distros currently being planned. Please speak with an OpenLogic enterprise architect to review currently available options.


Q. Does OpenLogic offer CentOS Stream Support?

Yes! Speak with an OpenLogic enterprise architect today to learn more about how we can support a given CentOS stream release.


Q. I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Need more information on the differences between CentOS Stream vs CentOS Linux? Have other questions about available options? Please contact us today via the form on this page.