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Security Based Updates

PHP Security Releases 8.3.8, 8.2.20, and 8.1.29
- PHP 8.3.8
- PHP 8.2.20
- PHP 8.1.29

These SECURITY Releases Fix:
- Argument Injection in PHP-CGI
- Bypass in filter_var FILTER_VALIDATE_URL
- proc_open workaround Windows with escaping arguments for bat/cmd files
- openssl_private_decrypt vulnerability to the Marvin attack

Zend has released the same patches for the ZendPHP 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 distributions, with LTS patches coming later this week.

  • Changelog:
  • Source:

The Changelog Link includes further details:
- Fixed bug GHSA-3qgc-jrrr-25jv (Bypass of CVE-2012-1823, Argument Injection in PHP-CGI). (CVE-2024-4577)
 - Fixed bug GHSA-w8qr-v226-r27w (Filter bypass in filter_var FILTER_VALIDATE_URL). (CVE-2024-5458)
- Fixed bug GHSA-9fcc-425m-g385 (Bypass of CVE-2024-1874). (CVE-2024-5585)
- The openssl_private_decrypt function in PHP, when using PKCS1 padding (OPENSSL_PKCS1_PADDING, which is the default), is vulnerable to the Marvin Attack unless it is used with an OpenSSL version that includes the changes from this pull request: (rsa_pkcs1_implicit_rejection). These changes are part of OpenSSL 3.2 and have also been backported to stable versions of various Linux distributions, as well as to the PHP builds provided for Windows since the previous release. All distributors and builders should ensure that this version is used to prevent PHP from being vulnerable.

Non-Security Based Updates

Angular 18.0.2

  • (fix - 78cf9bfc0e) | Do not migrateHttpClientModuleimports on components. (#56067)
  • (fix - 616cdef474) | don't coerce all producers to consumers on liveness change (#56140)
  • (fix - 2a440e1064) | Fix shouldPreventDefaultBeforeDispatching bug (#56188)
  • (fix - 290a47d842) | handle missingwithI18nSupport()call for components that use i18n blocks (#56175)


  • (fix - b70b80ba55) | do not generate aliased variables with the same name (#56154)

AWX 24.5.0
What's Changed:

  • Fixed the promote GitHub workflow associated with the release event (@TheRealHaoLiu
  • Replaced deprecated ``locale.format()`` with ``locale.format_string()`` to fix human output on Python 3.12 (@hb9hnt
  • Reformatted long text line wrap to fit help window (@irozet12
  • Updated the docker-compose README to mention that you can skip ``make docker-compose-build`` (@AlexPykavy
  • Update test so that DAB change can merge (@AlanCoding
  • Added Kube credentials to the inventory source picker (@matburt
  • Fixed Galaxy publishing (@TheRealHaoLiu
  • Updated the collection to be compatible with the ``OPTIONAL_API_URLPATTERN_PREFIX`` environment variable (@Harshith-umesh
  • Updated ``named_url`` to work with optional URL prefixes (@chrismeyersfsu
  • Added the use of settings fixture in tests (@chrismeyersfsu
  • Added ``check_instance_ready`` to management commands (@TheRealHaoLiu
  • Added centralized logging via OpenTelemetry (OTel) (@chrismeyersfsu
  • Updated the link in the documentation and Help text for the Terraform State inventory plugin to improve readability (@akira6592
  • Added AWS SNS notification support for webhooks (@ethemcemozkan
  • Unpinned Cypthon in the requirements file (@TheRealHaoLiu
  • Repinned Cython due to build constraints associated with Cython versions older than 3.0 (@TheRealHaoLiu
  • Updated Django version to 4.2.10 (@thedoubl3j

**Full Changelog**:

AWX Operator:

  • Released with AWX Operator [v2.18.0](

Elasticsearch 8.14.0
Breaking changes

  • Prevent DLS/FLS if `replication` is assigned {es-pull}108600[#108600]
  • Apply stricter Document Level Security (DLS) rules for the validate query API with the rewrite parameter {es-pull}105709[#105709]
  • Apply stricter Document Level Security (DLS) rules for terms aggregations when min_doc_count is set to 0 {es-pull}105714[#105714]

Bug Fixes

  • Cross check livedocs for terms aggs when index access control list is non-null {es-pull}105714[#105714]
  • ESQL: Enable VALUES agg for datetime {es-pull}107016[#107016]
  • Fix IOOBE in TTest aggregation when using filters {es-pull}109034[#109034]
  • Validate stats formatting in standard `InternalStats` constructor {es-pull}107678[#107678] (issue: {es-issue}107671[#107671])
  • Application::
  • [Bugfix] Connector API - fix status serialisation issue in termquery {es-pull}108365[#108365]
  • [Connector API] Fix bug with filtering validation toXContent {es-pull}107467[#107467]
  • [Connector API] Fix bug with parsing *_doc_count nullable fields {es-pull}108854[#108854]
  • [Connector API] Fix bug with with wrong target index for access control sync {es-pull}109097[#109097]


  • Users with monitor privileges can access async_search/status endpoint even when setting keep_alive {es-pull}107383[#107383]


  • Fix numeric sorts in `_cat/nodes` {es-pull}106189[#106189] (issue: {es-issue}48070[#48070])


  • Add ?master_timeout query parameter to ccr apis {es-pull}105168[#105168]


  • Fix `noop_update_total` is not being updated when using the `_bulk` {es-pull}105745[#105745] (issue: {es-issue}105742[#105742])
  • Use correct system index bulk executor {es-pull}106150[#106150]

Cluster Coordination:

  • Fix support for infinite `?master_timeout` {es-pull}107050[#107050]

Data streams:

  • Add non-indexed fields to ecs templates {es-pull}106714[#106714]
  • Fix bulk NPE when retrying failure redirect after cluster block {es-pull}107598[#107598]
  • Improve error message when rolling over DS alias {es-pull}106708[#106708] (issue: {es-issue}106137[#106137])
  • Only skip deleting a downsampled index if downsampling is in progress as part of DSL retention {es-pull}109020[#109020]


  • Fix downsample action request serialization {es-pull}106919[#106919] (issue: {es-issue}106917[#106917])


  • Use #addWithoutBreaking when adding a negative number of bytes to the circuit breaker in `SequenceMatcher` {es-pull}107655[#107655]


  • ESQL: Allow reusing BUCKET grouping expressions in aggs {es-pull}107578[#107578]
  • ESQL: Disable quoting in FROM command {es-pull}108431[#108431]
  • ESQL: Fix MV_DEDUPE when using data from an index {es-pull}107577[#107577] (issue: {es-issue}104745[#104745])
  • ESQL: Fix error message when failing to resolve aggregate groupings {es-pull}108101[#108101] (issue: {es-issue}108053[#108053])
  • ESQL: Fix treating all fields as MV in COUNT pushdown {es-pull}106720[#106720]
  • ESQL: Re-enable logical dependency check {es-pull}105860[#105860]
  • ESQL: median, count and `count_distinct` over constants {es-pull}107414[#107414] (issues: {es-issue}105248[#105248], {es-issue}104900[#104900])
  • ES|QL fix no-length substring with supplementary (4-byte) character {es-pull}107183[#107183]
  • ES|QL: Fix usage of IN operator with TEXT fields {es-pull}106654[#106654] (issue: {es-issue}105379[#105379])
  • ES|QL: Improve support for TEXT fields in functions {es-pull}106810[#106810]
  • Fix docs generation of signatures for variadic functions {es-pull}107865[#107865]
  • [ESQL] Mark `date_diff` as requiring all three arguments {es-pull}108834[#108834] (issue: {es-issue}108383[#108383])


  • Don't stop checking if the `HealthNode` persistent task is present {es-pull}105449[#105449] (issue: {es-issue}98926[#98926])
  • Health monitor concurrency fixes {es-pull}105674[#105674] (issue: {es-issue}105065[#105065])


  • Check preTags and postTags params for empty values {es-pull}106396[#106396] (issue: {es-issue}69009[#69009])
  • added fix for inconsistent text trimming in Unified Highlighter {es-pull}99961[#99961] (issue: {es-issue}101803[#101803])


  • Workaround G1 bug for JDK 22 and 22.0.1 {es-pull}108571[#108571]


  • Add a check for the same feature being declared regular and historical {es-pull}106285[#106285]
  • Fix `AffixSetting.exists` to include secure settings {es-pull}106745[#106745]
  • Fix regression in get index settings (human=true) where the version was not displayed in human-readable format {es-pull}107447[#107447]
  • Nativeaccess: try to load all located libsystemds {es-pull}108238[#108238] (issue: {es-issue}107878[#107878])
  • Update several references to `IndexVersion.toString` to use `toReleaseVersion` {es-pull}107828[#107828] (issue: {es-issue}107821[#107821])
  • Update several references to `TransportVersion.toString` to use `toReleaseVersion` {es-pull}107902[#107902]


  • Log when update AffixSetting using addAffixMapUpdateConsumer {es-pull}97072[#97072]

Infra/Node Lifecycle:

  • Consider `ShardRouting` roles when calculating shard copies in shutdown status {es-pull}106063[#106063]
  • Wait indefintely for http connections on shutdown by default {es-pull}106511[#106511]


  • Guard against a null scorer in painless execute {es-pull}109048[#109048] (issue: {es-issue}43541[#43541])
  • Painless: Apply true regex limit factor with FIND and MATCH operation {es-pull}105670[#105670]

Ingest Node:

  • Catching `StackOverflowErrors` from bad regexes in `GsubProcessor` {es-pull}106851[#106851]
  • Fix `uri_parts` processor behaviour for missing extensions {es-pull}105689[#105689] (issue: {es-issue}105612[#105612])
  • Remove leading is_ prefix from Enterprise geoip docs {es-pull}108518[#108518]
  • Slightly better geoip `databaseType` validation {es-pull}106889[#106889]


  • Fix lingering license warning header {es-pull}108031[#108031] (issue: {es-issue}107573[#107573])
  • Machine Learning::
  • Fix NPE in ML assignment notifier {es-pull}107312[#107312]
  • Fix `startOffset` must be non-negative error in XLMRoBERTa tokenizer {es-pull}107891[#107891] (issue: {es-issue}104626[#104626])
  • Fix the position of spike, dip and distribution changes bucket when the sibling aggregation includes empty buckets {es-pull}106472[#106472]
  • Make OpenAI embeddings parser more flexible {es-pull}106808[#106808]


  • Dedupe terms in terms queries {es-pull}106381[#106381]
  • Extend support of `allowedFields` to `getMatchingFieldNames` and `getAllFields` {es-pull}106862[#106862]
  • Fix for raw mapping merge of fields named "properties" {es-pull}108867[#108867] (issue: {es-issue}108866[#108866])
  • Handle infinity during synthetic source construction for scaled float field {es-pull}107494[#107494] (issue: {es-issue}107101[#107101])
  • Handle pass-through subfields with deep nesting {es-pull}106767[#106767]
  • Wrap "Pattern too complex" exception into an `IllegalArgumentException` {es-pull}109173[#109173]


  • Fix HTTP corner-case response leaks {es-pull}105617[#105617]


  • Add `internalClusterTest` for and fix leak in `ExpandSearchPhase` {es-pull}108562[#108562] (issue: {es-issue}108369[#108369])
  • Avoid attempting to load the same empty field twice in fetch phase {es-pull}107551[#107551]
  • Bugfix: Disable eager loading `BitSetFilterCache` on Indexing Nodes {es-pull}105791[#105791]
  • Cross-cluster painless/execute actions should check permissions only on target remote cluster {es-pull}105360[#105360]
  • Fix error 500 on invalid `ParentIdQuery` {es-pull}105693[#105693] (issue: {es-issue}105366[#105366])
  • Fix range queries for float/half_float fields when bounds are out of type's range {es-pull}106691[#106691]
  • Fixing NPE when requesting [_none_] for `stored_fields` {es-pull}104711[#104711]
  • Fork when handling remote field-caps responses {es-pull}107370[#107370]
  • Handle parallel calls to `createWeight` when profiling is on {es-pull}108041[#108041] (issues: {es-issue}104131[#104131], {es-issue}104235[#104235])
  • Harden field-caps request dispatcher {es-pull}108736[#108736]
  • Replace `UnsupportedOperationException` with `IllegalArgumentException` for non-existing columns {es-pull}107038[#107038]
  • Unable to retrieve multiple stored field values {es-pull}106575[#106575]
  • Validate `model_id` is required when using the `learning_to_rank` rescorer {es-pull}107743[#107743]


  • Disable validate when rewrite parameter is sent and the index access control list is non-null {es-pull}105709[#105709]
  • Fix field caps and field level security {es-pull}106731[#106731]


  • Fix double-pausing shard snapshot {es-pull}109148[#109148] (issue: {es-issue}109143[#109143])
  • Treat 404 as empty register in `AzureBlobStore` {es-pull}108900[#108900] (issue: {es-issue}108504[#108504])
  • `SharedBlobCacheService.maybeFetchRegion` should use `computeCacheFileRegionSize` {es-pull}106685[#106685]


  • Flip dynamic mapping condition when create tsid {es-pull}105636[#105636]


  • Consolidate permissions checks {es-pull}106413[#106413] (issue: {es-issue}105794[#105794])
  • Disable PIT for remote clusters {es-pull}107969[#107969]
  • Make force-stopping the transform always remove persistent task from cluster state {es-pull}106989[#106989] (issue: {es-issue}106811[#106811])
  • Only trigger action once per thread {es-pull}107232[#107232] (issue: {es-issue}107215[#107215])
  • [Transform] Auto retry Transform start {es-pull}106243[#106243]

Vector Search:

  • Fix multithreading copies in lib vec {es-pull}108802[#108802]
  • [8.14] Fix multithreading copies in lib vec {es-pull}108810[#108810]


  • Deprecate allowing `fields` in scenarios where it is ignored {es-pull}106031[#106031]


  • Add a `PriorityQueue` backed by `BigArrays` {es-pull}106361[#106361]
  • All new `shard_seed` parameter for `random_sampler` agg {es-pull}104830[#104830]


  • Add allocation stats {es-pull}105894[#105894]
  • Add index forecasts to /_cat/allocation output {es-pull}97561[#97561]


  • [Profiling] Add TopN Functions API {es-pull}106860[#106860]
  • [Profiling] Allow to override index settings {es-pull}106172[#106172]
  • [Profiling] Speed up serialization of flamegraph {es-pull}105779[#105779]


  • Support Profile Activate with JWTs with client authn {es-pull}105439[#105439] (issue: {es-issue}105342[#105342])


  • Allow users to get status of own async search tasks {es-pull}106638[#106638]
  • [Security Solution] Add `read` permission for third party agent indices for `kibana_system` {es-pull}107046[#107046]

Data streams:

  • Add data stream lifecycle to kibana reporting template {es-pull}106259[#106259]


  • Add ES|QL Locate function {es-pull}106899[#106899] (issue: {es-issue}106818[#106818])
  • Add ES|QL signum function {es-pull}106866[#106866]
  • Add status for enrich operator {es-pull}106036[#106036]
  • Add two new OGC functions ST_X and ST_Y {es-pull}105768[#105768]
  • Adjust array resizing in block builder {es-pull}106934[#106934]
  • Bulk loading enrich fields in ESQL {es-pull}106796[#106796]
  • ENRICH support for TEXT fields {es-pull}106435[#106435] (issue: {es-issue}105384[#105384])
  • ESQL: Add timers to many status results {es-pull}105421[#105421]
  • ESQL: Allow grouping key inside stats expressions {es-pull}106579[#106579]
  • ESQL: Introduce expression validation phase {es-pull}105477[#105477] (issue: {es-issue}105425[#105425])
  • ESQL: Log queries at debug level {es-pull}108257[#108257]
  • ESQL: Regex improvements {es-pull}106429[#106429]
  • ESQL: Sum of constants {es-pull}105454[#105454]
  • ESQL: Support ST_DISJOINT {es-pull}107007[#107007]
  • ESQL: Support partially folding CASE {es-pull}106094[#106094]
  • ESQL: Use faster field caps {es-pull}105067[#105067]
  • ESQL: extend BUCKET with spans {es-pull}107272[#107272]
  • ESQL: perform a reduction on the data node {es-pull}106516[#106516]
  • Expand support for ENRICH to full set supported by ES ingest processors {es-pull}106186[#106186] (issue: {es-issue}106162[#106162])
  • Introduce ordinal bytesref block {es-pull}106852[#106852] (issue: {es-issue}106387[#106387])
  • Leverage ordinals in enrich lookup {es-pull}107449[#107449]
  • Serialize big array blocks {es-pull}106373[#106373]
  • Serialize big array vectors {es-pull}106327[#106327]
  • Specialize serialization for `ArrayVectors` {es-pull}105893[#105893]
  • Specialize serialization of array blocks {es-pull}106102[#106102]
  • Speed up serialization of `BytesRefArray` {es-pull}106053[#106053]
  • Support ST_CONTAINS and ST_WITHIN {es-pull}106503[#106503]
  • Support ST_INTERSECTS between geometry column and other geometry or string {es-pull}104907[#104907] (issue: {es-issue}104874[#104874])


  • Add metric for calculating index flush time excluding waiting on locks {es-pull}107196[#107196]


  • Enable 'encoder' and 'tags_schema' highlighting settings at field level {es-pull}107224[#107224] (issue: {es-issue}94028[#94028])


  • Add a flag to re-enable writes on the final index after an ILM shrink action. {es-pull}107121[#107121] (issue: {es-issue}106599[#106599])

Indices APIs:

  • Wait forever for `IndexTemplateRegistry` asset installation {es-pull}105985[#105985]


  • Enhance search tier GC options {es-pull}106526[#106526]
  • Increase KDF iteration count in `KeyStoreWrapper` {es-pull}107107[#107107]


  • Add pluggable `BuildVersion` in `NodeMetadata` {es-pull}105757[#105757]


  • Infrastructure for metering the update requests {es-pull}105063[#105063]
  • `DocumentParsingObserver` to accept an `indexName` to allow skipping system indices {es-pull}107041[#107041]


  • String sha512() painless function {es-pull}99048[#99048] (issue: {es-issue}97691[#97691])

Ingest Node:

  • Add support for the 'Anonymous IP' database to the geoip processor {es-pull}107287[#107287] (issue: {es-issue}90789[#90789])
  • Add support for the 'Enterprise' database to the geoip processor {es-pull}107377[#107377]
  • Adding `cache_stats` to geoip stats API {es-pull}107334[#107334]
  • Support data streams in enrich policy indices {es-pull}107291[#107291] (issue: {es-issue}98836[#98836])

Machine Learning:

  • Add GET `_inference` for all inference endpoints {es-pull}107517[#107517]
  • Added a timeout parameter to the inference API {es-pull}107242[#107242]
  • Enable retrying on 500 error response from Cohere text embedding API {es-pull}105797[#105797]


  • Make int8_hnsw our default index for new dense-vector fields {es-pull}106836[#106836]


  • Add retrievers using the parser-only approach {es-pull}105470[#105470]


  • Add Lucene spanish plural stemmer {es-pull}106952[#106952]
  • Add `modelId` and `modelText` to `KnnVectorQueryBuilder` {es-pull}106068[#106068]
  • Add a SIMD (Neon) optimised vector distance function for int8 {es-pull}106133[#106133]
  • Add transport version for search load autoscaling {es-pull}106377[#106377]
  • CCS with `minimize_roundtrips` performs incremental merges of each `SearchResponse` {es-pull}105781[#105781]
  • Track ongoing search tasks {es-pull}107129[#107129]


  • Invalidating cross cluster API keys requires `manage_security` {es-pull}107411[#107411]
  • Show owner `realm_type` for returned API keys {es-pull}105629[#105629]


  • Add setting for max connections to S3 {es-pull}107533[#107533]
  • Distinguish different snapshot failures by log level {es-pull}105622[#105622]


  • (API+) CAT Nodes alias for shard header to match CAT Allocation {es-pull}105847[#105847]
  • Add total size in bytes to doc stats {es-pull}106840[#106840] (issue: {es-issue}97670[#97670])


  • Improve short-circuiting downsample execution {es-pull}106563[#106563]
  • Support non-keyword dimensions as routing fields in TSDB {es-pull}105501[#105501]
  • Text fields are stored by default in TSDB indices {es-pull}106338[#106338] (issue: {es-issue}97039[#97039])


  • Check node shutdown before fail {es-pull}107358[#107358] (issue: {es-issue}100891[#100891])
  • Do not log error on node restart when the transform is already failed {es-pull}106171[#106171] (issue: {es-issue}106168[#106168])

New Features

  • Allow `typed_keys` for search application Search API {es-pull}108007[#108007]
  • [Connector API] Support cleaning up sync jobs when deleting a connector {es-pull}107253[#107253]


  • ESQL: Values aggregation function {es-pull}106065[#106065] (issue: {es-issue}103600[#103600])
  • ESQL: allow sorting by expressions and not only regular fields {es-pull}107158[#107158]
  • Support ES|QL requests through the `NodeClient::execute` {es-pull}106244[#106244]

Indices APIs:

  • Add granular error list to alias action response {es-pull}106514[#106514] (issue: {es-issue}94478[#94478])

Machine Learning:

  • Add Cohere rerank to `_inference` service {es-pull}106378[#106378]
  • Add support for Azure OpenAI embeddings to inference service {es-pull}107178[#107178]
  • Create default word based chunker {es-pull}107303[#107303]
  • Text structure endpoints to determine the structure of a list of messages and of an indexed field {es-pull}105660[#105660]


  • Flatten object mappings when subobjects is false {es-pull}103542[#103542] (issues: {es-issue}99860[#99860], {es-issue}103497[#103497])


  • Get and Query API Key with profile uid {es-pull}106531[#106531]

Vector Search:

  • Adding support for hex-encoded byte vectors on knn-search {es-pull}105393[#105393]


  • Upgrade jna to 5.12.1 {es-pull}105717[#105717]

Ingest Node:

  • Updating the tika version to 2.9.1 in the ingest attachment plugin {es-pull}106315[#106315]


  • Upgrade to Netty 4.1.107 {es-pull}105517[#105517]


  • Update bundled JDK to Java 22 (again) {es-pull}108654[#108654]

Jenkins 2.461
1. Restore the September 30 2024 Java 11 end of life date for LTS releases. (pull 9323))
2. Move Add description to app bar. (pull 9271))
3. Fix width of weather icons in Safari when zoomed. (issue 73047))

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