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Non-security Based Updates

Apache Tomcat 9.0.65
Add:  Provide dedicated loggers ( / for TLS handshake failures. (markt)
Add:  Enable the use of the FIPS provider for TLS enabled Connectors when using Tomcat Native 1.2.34 onwards built with OpenSSL 3.0.x onwards. (markt)
Code:  Deprecated the jmvRoute system property used to configure a default value for the jmvRoute attribute of an Engine. (markt)
Fix:  Fix duplicate Poller registration with HTTP/2, NIO and async IO that could cause HTTP/2 connections to unexpectedly fail. (markt)
Docker Compose 2.7.0
networks: prevent issues due to duplicate names by @milas in #9585
Use appropriate dependency condition for one-shot containers when running compose up --wait by @laurazard in #9572
Fix environment variable expansion by @ulyssessouza in compose-spec/compose-go#276
Validate depended-on services exist in consistency check by @laurazard in compose-spec/compose-go#281
Jboss Drools 7.73.0.Final
[DROOLS-6141] - executable-model test failure in test-compiler-integration ParallelEvaluationTest
[DROOLS-7034] - "IgnoreNumericFormat" with drools-decisiontables is not effective to reference cells
[DROOLS-7056] - NullPointerException when sending DeleteCommand for non-existing fact
Firefox 102.0.1
Fixed bookmark shortcut creation by dragging to Windows File Explorer and dropping partially broken (bug 1774683)
Fixed bookmarks sidebar flashing white when opened in dark mode (bug 1776157)
Fixed multilingual spell checking not working with content in both English and a non-Latin alphabet (bug 1773802)
Developer tools: Fixed an issue where the console output keep getting scrolled to the bottom when the last visible message is an evaluation result (bug 1776262)
Jenkins 2.360
Remove the "New View" sidebar link. (pull 6703)
Rework "Updates" table checkbox selection controls. (pull 6806)
Add breadcrumbs to "Manage Jenkins" and children of it. Developers should ensure they use relative links for navigating between pages if they are a child of "Manage Jenkins". (pull 6126)
Upgrade Spring Framework from 5.3.21 to 5.3.22. Spring Framework 5.3.22 includes 45 fixes and improvements. (pull 6844, Spring Framework 5.3.22 changelog)
jBPM 7.73.0.Final
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