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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


Non-Security Updates

JBoss Web Services 5.5.0.Final
[JBWS-4231] - Test failures after legacy security subsystem is removed in WFLY25
[JBWS-4236] - Deprecate SecurityAdaptorFactory and SecurityAdaptor
[JBWS-4245] - Upgrade log4j to 2.17.1
[JBWS-4249] - Upgrade jbossws-common-tools to 1.4.0.Final

Spring Framework 5.3.15
PrintingResultHandler in MockMvc should infer UTF-8 encoding for JSON response #27926
WebFlux request id should not contain internal IPs #27885
Deprecate inappropriate getBeanFactory() method in AbstractBeanDefinitionReader #27875
Make H2SequenceMaxValueIncrementer compatible with H2 database 2.0.x #27870

SQLite 3.37.2
STRICT tables provide a prescriptive style of data type management, for developers who prefer that kind of thing.
When adding columns that contain a CHECK constraint or a generated column containing a NOT NULL constraint, the ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN now checks new constraints against preexisting rows in the database and will only proceed if no constraints are violated.
Added the PRAGMA table_list statement.


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