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This week, read about:

  • New Argo CD Bug Could Let Hackers Steal Secret Info from Kubernetes Apps.
  • The White House Is Worried About Open Source Software Security.
  • FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation and Financial Sector Project of The Linux Foundation, Announces Name Change and 2022 Dates for Open Source in Finance Forum.

Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


Non-Security Updates

Apache Camel 3.15.0
camel-springdoc-starter: throwing NPE when apiProperties is not set
camel elasticsearch rest on spring boot - class not found error
ServicePool.doStop hangs during shutdown
camel-fhir: the serverUrl configuration on camel-fhir endpoint shouldn't be ignored

Firefox 96.0.3
Fixed an issue that allowed unexpected data to be submitted in some of our search telemetry (bug 1752317)

Security Updates

The OpenLogic Enterprise Linux Development Team is pleased to announce a security update to the rpm (RPM Package Manager) package.  This update addresses CVE-2021-3521 which describes a signature functionality flaw where RPM does not check the binding signature of subkeys before importing them. We recommend installing this update immediately. 

WMI Windows Agent will no longer connect after Microsoft KB5004442 security update
The Jenkins team is currently working to patch this known issue after a Microsoft update has broken the package version 2.319.2. It's actively being patched at this time. To follow the progress, please keep track at

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