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This week, read about:

  • Microsoft Links Raspberry Robin USB Worm to Russian Evil Corp Hackers.
  • SkyWater Receives Funding from DOD, Partners with Google to Facilitate Open Source Design for its new 90 nm Technology Offering.
  • New Open-Source Model That Dwarfs GPT-3 Aims to Free AI From Big Tech Labs.

Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Non-security Based Updates

Apache Tomcat 10.0.23
Add:  Provide dedicated loggers ( / for TLS handshake failures. (markt)
Add:  Enable the use of the FIPS provider for TLS enabled Connectors when using Tomcat Native 1.2.34 onwards built with OpenSSL 3.0.x onwards. (markt)
Code:  Deprecated the jmvRoute system property used to configure a default value for the jmvRoute attribute of an Engine. (markt)
Fix:  Fix duplicate Poller registration with HTTP/2, NIO and async IO that could cause HTTP/2 connections to unexpectedly fail. (markt)

Firefox 103
Improved responsiveness on macOS during periods of high CPU load by switching to a modern lock API.
Do you always forget something? Required fields are now highlighted in PDF forms.
Improved performance on high-refresh rate monitors (120Hz+).
Enjoying Picture-in-Picture subtitles feature? It just got better: you can now change subtitles font size directly from the PiP window. Additionally, PiP subtitles are now available at Funimation, Dailymotion, Tubi, Hotstar, and SonyLIV.

MySQL 8.0.30
Security Notes
It is now possible to compile the MySQL server package (mysqld + libmysql + client tools) using OpenSSL 3.0 on supported platforms, which should not change the behavior of the server or client programs. For additional information, see
Spatial Data Support
Previously, the ST_TRANSFORM() function added in MySQL 8.0.13 did not support Cartesian Spatial Reference Systems. Beginning with this release, support is provided by this function for the Popular Visualisation Pseudo Mercator (EPSG 1024) projection method, used for WGS 84 Pseudo-Mercator (SRID 3857).

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