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  • A New Variant of FlawedGrace Spreading Through Mass Email Campaigns.
  • There’s Nothing Automattic About Balancing Commercial Growth With an Open Source Developer Community.
  • IBM launches Open Source Cloud Guide for Developers.


Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Non-Security Updates

MySQL 8.0.27
ncompatible Change: For all SELECT statements on a view, the query digest was based on the view definition. As a result, different queries had the same digest and aggregated together in the Performance Schema table events_statements_summary_by_digest, so statistics in that table were not usable for distinguishing distinct SELECT statements.
The query digest for each SELECT statement on a view now is based on the SELECT, not the view definition. This enables distinguishing distinct SELECT statements in the events_statements_summary_by_digest table. However, tools that use query digests may need some adjustment to account for this change. For example, MySQL Enterprise Firewall and query rewrite plugins rely on query digests and existing rules for them that are associated with views may need to be updated. (Bug #27540213, Bug #89559, Bug #31761802)
Important Change: EXPLAIN FORMAT=TREE now shows whether an index scan uses a covering index, and thus does not need to look up other columns from the table/clustered index. For example, if idx1 is a covering index, the old output Index scan on t1 using idx1 is now shown as Covering index scan on t1 using idx1. Previously, this information was shown only for FORMAT=TRADITIONAL and FORMAT=JSON.
This fix also improves the wording used for full-text search to align with this change. For example, the old output Indexed full text search on t1 (which was the same in both the covering and non-covering cases) is now Full-text index search on t1 when there is no covering index, and Full-text covering index search on t1 when a covering index is used. (Bug #32825235)

GNU PG 2.3.3
* agent: Fix segv in GET_PASSPHRASE (regression).  [#5577]
* dirmngr: Fix Let's Encrypt certificate chain validation.  [#5639]
* gpg: Change default and maximum AEAD chunk size to 4 MiB. [ad3dabc9fb]
* gpg: Print a warning when importing a bad cv25519 secret key. [#5464]

Spring Framework 5.3.11
Enhance DefaultResponseErrorHandler to allow logging complete error response body #27552
Include correct keyword in CookieAssertions failure messages #27550
Use Arrays.hashCode() in ByteArrayResource.hashCode() #27544
Allow default CacheAwareContextLoaderDelegate configuration via a system property #27540

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