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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases


Non-Security Updates

Apache Camel 3.7.1
should consider multiple ApplicationContext instances when specifying another management.server.port
rest-dsl - xml or json binding should create new instance of data formats
[camel-kafka] additionalProperties option on endpoint level is broken
JAXB error Generating Swagger in Karaf

Wildfly 22.0.0.Final 
[ WFLY-9213 ] Implement the Pause method for a Topic via Management APIs
[ WFLY-12825 ] Artemis network health check feature not configurable from WildFly Management API
[ WFLY-13150 ] Add a Galleon layer for the Distributable Web subsystem configured with a local web cache
[ WFLY-13570 ] Add the ability to adjust the case of a user name using an Elytron principal transformer

ISC Bind 9.16.11
Multiple threads could attempt to destroy a single RBTDB instance at the same time, resulting in an unpredictable but low-probability assertion failure in free_rbtdb(). This has been fixed. [GL #2317]
named no longer attempts to assign threads to CPUs outside the CPU affinity set. Thanks to Ole Bjørn Hessen. [GL #2245]
When reconfiguring named, removing auto-dnssec did not turn off DNSSEC maintenance. This has been fixed. [GL #2341]
The report of intermittent BIND assertion failures triggered in lib/dns/resolver.c:dns_name_issubdomain() has now been closed without further action. Our initial response to this was to add diagnostic logging instead of terminating named, anticipating that we would receive further useful troubleshooting input. This workaround first appeared in BIND releases 9.17.5 and 9.16.7. However, since those releases were published, there have been no new reports of assertion failures matching this issue, but also no further diagnostic input, so we have closed the issue. [GL #2091]

GNUPG 2.2.27
New and extended interfaces:
- New curves Ed448, X448, and SM2.
- New cipher mode EAX.
- New cipher algo SM4.

jBPM 7.44.0 Script syntax highlight in process designer
The process designer now provides syntax highlighting and error checking capabilities when working with scripts, for example in case of a Script Task. Inline Text Editing in process and DMN designer
You can double-click any node to edit its name directly without using floating boxes or confirmation buttons. After editing the node name in the inline text editor, press Enter or click outside of the node to save the name. To cancel, press Esc while editing.

SQLite 3.34.1
Added the sqlite3_txn_state() interface for reporting on the current transaction state of the database connection.
Enhance recursive common table expressions to support two or more recursive terms as is done by SQL Server, since this helps make queries against graphs easier to write and faster to execute.
Improved error messages on CHECK constraint failures.

Finding the Best Linux Distro for Your Organization  

Whether you’re excited, nervous, or somewhere in between about the announcement that the CentOS community will focus on CentOS Stream instead of CentOS 8, it pays to understand what this announcement means for your business. While many businesses will happily transition to CentOS Stream, the rolling releases inherent to it may not align with your infrastructural or organizational needs. 

For companies unable to make CentOS Stream work, it's essential to both know the available alternatives and understand the factors that make a given Linux distribution the best Linux distro option for your organization.

Read this blog, as we give an overview of the Linux distribution landscape, then dive into the various Linux distributions that best accomplish a wide swathe of common infrastructural and organizational priorities and needs.

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