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Non-Security Updates

Apache Camel 3.11.1
camel-bean - BeanProcessor with Process bean does not handle Throwable
camel-core - CircuitBreaker - java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Is this really correct
camel-core - route dump dose not print correct route with kamelet eip
OpenTracing with Avro keys causes warning

Apache Tomcat 10.0.10
Code:  65476: Correct an error in some code clean-up that mean that web application classes were not configured with the correct package. (markt)
Code:  65476: Correct an error in some code clean-up that mean that web application classes were not configured with the correct package. (markt)

JBoss Drools 7.58.0.Final
[DROOLS-6387] - ClassCastException for the same declared type when updateToVersion with createFileSet
[DROOLS-6418] - Avoid alpha node sharing with static method
[DROOLS-6430] - Nested map access in RHS fails in exec-model
[DROOLS-6492] - 2nd incremental update causes misfiring of a rule with 'from'

Kubernetes 1.22.0
Removal of several beta Kubernetes APIs
A number of APIs are no longer serving specific Beta versions in favour of the GA version of those APIs. All existing objects can be interacted with via general availability APIs. This removal includes beta versions of ValidatingWebhookConfiguration, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, CustomResourceDefinition, APIService, TokenReview, SubjectAccessReview, CertificateSigningRequest, Lease, Ingress, and IngressClass APIs. For the full list check out Deprecated API Migration Guide and the blog post Kubernetes API and Feature Removals In 1.22: Here’s What You Need To Know.

Kubernetes release cadence change
We all have to adapt to change in our lives, and especially so in the past year. The Kubernetes release team was also affected from the COVID-19 pandemic and has listened to its user base regarding the number of releases in a calendar year. From April 23, 2021 it was made official that Kubernetes release cadence has reduced from 4 releases per year to 3 releases per year.

JBPM 7.58.0.Final
[JBPM-9817] - Transaction timeout during JBPM performance test
[JBPM-9818] - Fix in DDL scripts errors after adding end_date
[JBPM-9819] - SLATrackingCommandTest#testSLATrackingOnUserTaskSLAMet test is failing on master
[JBPM-9829] - Spring Boot jar containing kjar and commons-beanutils causes "Could not read pom in jar" error.

Webinar: Are You Ready for CentOS 8 EOL?

Join Javier Perez, Chief Evangelist of Open Source Software at Openlogic, on August 19 as he discusses the announcement at the heart of the CentOS 8 EOL shift, what the new emphasis on CentOS Stream means, and the choices organizations must make going forward.
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