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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Non-Security Updates

Apache Camel 3.9
Unable to disable autowiring on Infinispan component
custom LdapEndpoint: inconsistent type for pageSize leads to NPE
camel-main fails to load component properties from Enviroment variables
camel-spring-ws - Skip Content-Type as SOAP:ENV response header

Firefox 87
We’ve fixed several significant accessibility issues:
Video controls now have visible focus styling and video and audio controls are now keyboard navigable. (Bug 1681007)
HTML <meter> is now spoken by screen readers. (Bug 1460378)
Firefox now sets a useful initial focus in Add-ons Manager. (Bug 580537)
Firefox will now fire a name/description change event when aria-labelledby/describedby content changes. (Bug 493683)

Hibernate ORM 5.4.30
[HHH-12076] - Query not built properly when joining a table based on class
[HHH-14439] - QueryException: Unrecognized parameter label when executing the same query with subselects twice with different list parameters
[HHH-4815] - Support orphan-removal for one-to-one inside component/@Embeddable
[HHH-14037] - Please make a PostgisPG10Dialect

Spring Framework 5.3.5
Expose @JmsListener endpoint id to annotation-derived listener container (for transaction definition name) #26683
Add support for Oracle bind marker scheme using R2DBC #26680
Add HTTP request cookies to the WebSocket handshake info #26674
Add an MockMVC alwaysDo equivalent to WebTestClient #26662

SQLite 3.35.3
Enhance the OP_OpenDup opcode of the bytecode engine so that it works even if the cursor being duplicated itself came from OP_OpenDup. Fix for ticket bb8a9fd4a9b7fce5. This problem only came to light due to the recent MATERIALIZED hint enhancement.
When materializing correlated common table expressions, do so separately for each use case, as that is required for correctness. This fixes a problem that was introduced by the MATERIALIZED hint enhancement.
Fix a problem in the filename normalizer of the unix VFS.
Fix the "box" output mode in the CLI so that it works with statements that returns one or more rows of zero columns (such as PRAGMA incremental_vacuum). Forum post afbbcb5b72.

Streams of Data: Why Real-Time Wins the Race

In this recorded DMRadio broadcast, Justin Reock, Chief Evangelist of OSS & API Management at Perforce Software, joins Bloor Group CEO and DMRadio host Eric Kavanagh to discuss the technologies behind data streaming and orchestration — and the best ways for companies to start working with streaming data.

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