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Key Security, Maintenance, and Features Releases

Non-Security Updates

ActiveMQ 5.16.0
[AMQ-2659] - JMSException incorrectly thrown when using XAConnection/XASession outside a transaction.
[AMQ-5790] - Huge number of TIME_WAIT connections observed while using activemq resource adapter with EAP6.
[AMQ-5917] - networkConnectorStartAsync="true" results in "WARN | Could not connect to remote URI: ssl://... SSLContextImpl is not initialized" and failure to connect.
[AMQ-6327] - getNextScheduledTime() returns incorrect time when working with day of month.
ISC BIND 9.16.5
A race condition could occur if a TCP socket connection was closed while named was waiting for a recursive response. The attempt to send a response over the closing connection triggered an assertion failure in the function isc__nm_tcpdns_send(). [GL #1937]
A race condition could occur when named attempted to use a UDP interface that was shutting down. This triggered an assertion failure in uv__udp_finish_close(). [GL #1938]
Fix assertion failure when server was under load and root zone had not yet been loaded. [GL #1862]
named could crash when cleaning dead nodes in lib/dns/rbtdb.c that were being reused. [GL #1968]
Spring Framework 5.2.8
Defer creating logger in StandardWebSocketHandlerAdapter. #25427
MutablePropertySources will not find or remove proxied sources. #25369
Profiles should be comparable when created via Profiles.of() #25340
Avoid re-creating RSocketRequester instance per subscriber. #25330

CentOS vs. Ubuntu

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