Get Support for Your EOL AngularJS Through 2023

If you need a longer runway for your AngularJS migration, OpenLogic is here to help.

OpenLogic provides long term support for AngularJS, including patches and workarounds for existing CVEs, support for new browser versions supported by the AngularJS framework, and expert, around the clock support that can help you keep your EOL AngularJS-based applications secure and performant.

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Why Choose OpenLogic for AngularJS Long Term Support?

LTS Through 2023

Extend your migration runway with expert AngularJS long term support through 2023.

CVE Patches & Workarounds

Get patches and workarounds for CVEs occurring upstream to keep your application secure.

New Browser Version Support

We help ensure your AngularJS deployments work with the latest versions of supported browsers.

AngularJS Support is Only a Ticket, Phone Call, or Email Away

When you’re working with end of life AngularJS, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Whether that’s a browser incompatibility that breaks your customer facing application, an unpatched CVE that exposes business-critical data, or any number of potentially devastating issues, having around the clock support at your side is crucial.

With OpenLogic support for AngularJS, you get SLA-backed, around the clock access to Enterprise Architects with experience solving the biggest problems in the enterprise.

Get Support for Your AngularJS

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