Many enterprises today deploy microservices on Kubernetes while collecting real-time streaming data from those applications. This has led organizations to deploy their Kafka message brokers in Kubernetes as well.

As many of these companies look to community-driven open source software to plan, deploy, upgrade, manage, and monitor these deployments, they face the challenge of integrating these new deployments with upstream architectural decisions. Complicating things further, how companies deliver DevOps varies wildly — even when using the same patterns.

With so many moving parts, IT and engineering leadership need assurance that these new deployments will stay online — especially when it’s the fabric holding together mission-critical data infrastructure. That’s why teams need to plan their Kafka deployments with eyes open, and armed with as many real-world references as possible.

About the Webinar:

Join OpenLogic Customer Engagement Team Manager Connor Penhale for a presentation on the enterprise intersection of Kafka and Kubernetes, including:

  • Why Kafka is ready for deployment on Kubernetes
  • How containerization impacts data orchestration strategy
  • How operators and developers can leverage Kubernetes to tackle new dilemmas in data processing and DevOps
  • Real-world lessons for teams deploying Kafka on Kubernetes
  • And more!

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