Modern systems generate more data than ever before. And, for complex enterprise systems, facilitating that data in real-time is key to business success. Unfortunately, standalone data management technologies have not evolved to effectively address new data distribution and data consumption requirements.

For enterprises that need to facilitate large amounts of streaming data, as well as develop and support new types of real-time, event-driven applications, three open source technologies Cassandra, Kafka, Spark — hold the key.  

See Why Cassandra, Kafka, and Spark Are Right for Streaming Data

In this new white paper from the Bloor Group, they detail the “New Stack” for streaming data (Cassandra, Kafka, Spark), and how it enables enterprises to radically transform sales and marketing, procurement and supply chain management, transportation and logistics, and overall business outcomes.

Read the white paper to learn:

  • The evolution of data management and enterprise data needs.
  • Why Hadoop alone is not sufficient for streaming data.
  • How streaming data and stream processing work.
  • Why Cassandra, Kafka, and Spark together are ideal for streaming data.
  • How the “New Stack” can impact business outcomes.

Download the White Paper

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