In the current technology landscape, existing applications and workloads are looking for expedited delivery. Thankfully, real-time streaming technologies make it possible to leverage Spark and Kafka in multi-data environments that demand capturing and processing in seconds.

See Kafka Data Lake Use Cases

In this webinar, OpenLogic Sr. Sales Engineer Omar Lara presents the top ways your team can capture and process data in seconds with a real-time Kafka data lake use case. Discover the latest, fresh insights and come away with the knowledge necessary to:

  • Understand both Apache Kafka and Apache Spark in a multi-data environment.
  • Empower your data lake for large volumes while avoiding data silos.
  • Have successful example use cases for your streaming technologies and architectures.

Looking to connect with a data processing expert? Learn more about how you can leverage Apache Kafka and Apache Spark by connecting with an OpenLogic enterprise architect. 



Additional Resources

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